Happy Chinese New Year Greeting Card

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Happy New Year and New You! Today marks the day of the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Ox. Chinese astrology would also say that it will be a Yin year, and that it will be an Earth year.

What that all means for you in terms of horoscope and beyond, you can find here:How to prepare for Chinese New Year Of the Earth Ox 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy! :: Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Greeting Card Year of the Ox Earth Yin

And there you have it: Happy Chinese New Year Greeting Card.

How to Make this Chinese New Year Greeting Card

This greeting card was made in a flash in Photoshop. Just find some good, free clip art that you can borrow elements from (I inverted an ox that I found and then just partially used some of that cutout). Next, stick to a simple but appropriate color scheme, use the Custom Shapes tool to make the grass and the sun, and voila.

Sometimes I am amazed with how quickly you can create something nice in Photoshop. Honestly, clipping this all out in paper, layering, gluing, would cost me an hour. Now, the card was done in not even 15 minutes.

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