Happy Chinese New Year of the Green Wooden Horse

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Gong Ho Fai Choi! Happy Chinese New Year!

We have landed in the year of the green wooden horse. In it’s honor I have designed a free wooden horse card, which I am all sharing with you today, and show you how to make your own as well.

New Year, New FineCraftGuild

After 6-7 weeks of limited blogging time, during which I  went across the sea and emigrated from Italy to the UK, an era has officially ended.  I will no longer work for free on the blog. What does that all mean for you, readers? Nothing, other than that you will find more of my own crochet, knitting and sewing patterns for sale, (Anyone want a ‘how-to manuals for bigger projects, like emigrating: the pros and cons and what to do…’??!) 

My writing schedule will alter too, albeit that I am not sure to how many articles a week I can commit to.  My publisher will care, but I would not worry about that if I were you, as there are already over 1300 free patterns and projects on the blog. I will be communicating with our newsletter subscribers at least once a week to highlight best projects for the season and new ideas that are coming up. Twitter followers will learn more through Facebook. Pinterest followers will continued to be notified about what’s hot as they have been in the past. That’s it for the changes.

The easy 1,2,3 guide on How to Draw a Green, Wooden Horse

1. Google some wooden horse images and pick one that you like.  Of the wooden horse photo that you like, ‘measure’/estimate the relative distances between the nose, the neck, the front leg, the bag leg and the tail. Just mark little dots on your papers  with approximately those distances.

3. Look at the angles of the lines that make up the horse. Look at the outline only. First look, and look again. Then, using the dots and the observed line angles in mind, with soft thin lines, draw the shape of your horse. Do the easy bits first, build  it up and finish off the shape. Once you like the way your horse looks (… even if it does not look one bit like the image that you Googled & started with ….), make a thick pencil line along the outline of the horse.

To transform my drawn horse into a fun card, what I did here is I cut out strips of green paper and decorated the horse with it. I added a few green craft flowers for fun to mimic a saddle and flowers in the horse’s hair to make it festive. Plus, added a tat of outlining with that pencil as needed. Done!

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Chinese New Year Feng Shui Tip

equestrian doormat :: FineCraftGuild.com

Chinese new year celebration last about 2 weeks. So, even if you find this post sometime in February, it is not too late to bring in excellent new energy in the new year with a brand new doormat! I thought to just let you know. Stay within the horse- decor theme, and get this beautiful mat for a powerful year ahead.

Equestrian doormat

Personally, I love adding a splash of color and remind myself of sunnier times with this Spring-celebrating imported, decorative doormat with hummingbird and flowers print.. Both will work. Depends on your set-up at your front door.

The most important part is that you remove your old doormats as they carry the energy of the previous year into your home through everyone’s foot steps. Instead, bring on the new and get a new doormat. Small investment, great return.

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