Handmade Valentine Card for Friends

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Ah, Valentine’s Day’s coming, and as I now live far from some of my North American friends, I better start early making some lovely cards. 

Yesterday I took the Scrapbooking books, tools and tootles out and look what I found that I had:


a lovely illustrated tutorial on

How to scrapbook a Friendship card.


It’s called ‘Cherishing Friendship’. Perfect for someone special I know.  Isn’t it romantic? 


handmade valentine card for friendThe roses and card details are really nice, and the project is quite easy. I’m sharing it with you today as it comes from a book that appears to be hard to find: “Handmade Cards: 31 simply beautiful ways to send your love” by Brenda Walton for K&Company.


K&Company has lots of great scrapbooking books and tools (see ‘your supplies’ below), however this utterly romantic book seems nowhere to be found.  I’d bought it not because I’m so much into scrapbooking, but as I fell in love with the book cover and the darling illustrations.  There. A confession.  Now let’s look at the tutorial on how to make this Friendship Valentine Card.


Here we go.

 handmade valentine card for friend3

Card Materials Needed

1 Tennyson Card

1 Designer Cards – large floral

1 Designer Papers – floral and script

1 Friendship Embossed Stickers

1 Metal Word Charms

Dark Ribbon, 12" long

Brown Ink Pad

Hermafix or spray adhesive

Foam Dots


handmade valentine card for friendCard Making Instructions


1. Adhere script paper to card flap.

Open flap and trim along curved shape.

2. Trim floral paper 4 1/4" x 5 1/2 " and adhere to front panel.

3. To create an aged effect, use a stencil brush and brown ink to gently stipple the outside edges of the card, flap and sticker.

4. Wrap ribbon around front panel of card. Secure in place with Hermafix.  Thread ribbon through metal ‘Friend’ charm and knot in front. Trim ends. Secure metal in place with foam dots.



Find Your Scrapbooking Supplies

It is not always easy to find good scrapbooking supplies that can say just what you want to say.  So I scoured around at Amazon a bit for you, to help you create this look, which I personally adore.   


Beyond the lovely scrapbooking / card making papers and supplies byK&Company, here’s what I found:

First, here are some ready-made scrapbooking kits, which are easiest to use as  you’ll have all that you need already gathered so that all you have to do is put the card together. This would lead to lovely scrapbooking afternoons with friends….

scrapbooking romanticFirst picture:

1. Paper-Crafting Kit – Flipbook Calendar (bottom right)

2. K&Company Kits Sweet Talk Create a Card (top right)

3. Designer Cards & Tags with K & Company (top left)

4. Paper-Crafting Pad – Boxes/ Parcels/ Packages (bottom left)







Personally, I prefer to be ‘as green as possible’.  So I tend to use what I already own and to upcycle whatever else is available that’s not an official scrapbooking tool or supply. So personally,  I am most interested in scrapbooking punches and embossing tools to give me ‘that look’.

I love that punch that’s both a punch and an embossing tool, called ‘a Dozen Roses’. Yes, I’m getting into that lovely romantic Valentine’s mood already from merely looking at these pictures…  Now on to work…


Pictures below:

1. Mini Brass Stencil Charms Princess Stacking Square Punch – Scallop Edge (1.5625")

2. Stacking Square Punch – Scallop Edge (1.5625")

3. Fiskars Embossing Border Punch, A Dozen Roses

4. Paper Shapers Corner Adorner Punch – Trumpet

5. Fiskars 4-in-1 Embossing Border Punch, Elegance

6. Fiskars Embossing Border Punch-All A Fleur



papercornerembossingborderpunch embossingborderallafleur

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