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Most visitors to this blog have found our feature of this eco-green towel-recycling DIY bathroom mat.

recycled bathroom rug

I’ve noticed however, that not everyone has good ‘bathroom mat treatment’ habits, so I thought to share a few tips with you today to begin with.

And at the end of this article, I’ll give you an overview of the various handmade rugs I’ve featured here over the years.

Care Tips for Your Recycled Towel Bathroom Rug / similar Handmade Rugs

1. Dry Your Mat, Everyday.

Personally I love standing on a nice, soft and DRY bathmat after my bath, instead of one that’s cold and soggy from the day before. This nice thick cotton bathmat is wonderful for the soft on your feet experience, however, do hang it up after use. This avoid having to stand on a damp mat the next time and it avoids mildew which is bad for your health.

2. Wash this Mat smartly.

In the ‘quick quick’-clean-up mode that we are all in at times, it might be easily overlooked that this mat is in fact ‘delicate’ in some ways. However, it took you 2+ hours (or, perhaps more likely: a couple of evenings in front of the TV) to make this beautiful rug. So let’s take care of it instead of ruining it by putting it in the washer and dryer. This is NOT that kind of rug. It’s made of strips of towel which are ‘unfinished’.

Instead, soak this mat in a bucket with some soap, rinse it and hang it to drip dry. You won’t have to wash this mat every week. (If you are daring, and if you have a washing machine that can ‘massage’ cloths instead of ‘putting them through the wringer’, then you might try using the washing machine, on your own risk). Common sense.

3. Make it Anti-slip.

It appears that lots of bathroom accidents happen because people slip and fall. This is so easily avoided by picking the right backing to begin with. Or, if your particular mat still slides on your particular bathroom floor, than walk over to Target or equivalent and pick up a thin anti-slip under mat. They only cost a few bucks. In fact, don’t leave the house, just order one online here:  Get an Under mat Today!


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green grass mat crochet knitting pattern
Super cool green grass rug pattern
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Bathroom rug: Michelle Kaufmann, https://michellekaufmann.com/2008/09/green-it-yourself-video-eco-bath-rug

Green grass rug, photo + pattern: Lion Brand

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