Love is .. Handmade Angel Earrings

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Love is… a pair of handmade angel earrings for a girlfriend. Angels help us to stay on path and stay safe in life. At times, when our dreams are big and our reality doesn’t seem so rosy, angels, an act of kindness from a friend, and some rose quartz crystals can come to the rescue.

handmade crystal angel earrings

It often takes so little, and it means so much, to give a handmade gift.

handmade crystal angel earrings tutorial ::
Handmade Angel Earrings


  • 2 long metal pins with eye
  • 3 small rose quartz beads, pastel-colored glass crystals, or other beads
  • 2 angel charms
  • 2 earring findings.

Handmade Angel Earrings – The Step-by-step How-to

1. Open the loops at the ends of the pins a tiny bit to attach the angel charms and then close them again.

2. String the three crystals onto the pins and make a loop on the end using round-nosed jewelry pliers. If your pins are too long, you may have to use a pair of cutting jewelry pliers to trim a bit off before making the loop.

3. With same round-nosed jewelry pliers, open each earring finding a tiny bit so that a string of beads can be attached to each finding.  Close the finding again and you’re done.


Time Required

I spent only 7 minutes making these earrings. What took more time was to look through my large bead collection to find the beads I liked and dig out my jewelry making tools.

This pair is a Valentine’s Gift for a Girlfriend. Love this? Make it. Give it. Your friends will be grateful to you.

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