Handmade Business Cards in Pouch – the Perfect Gift

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When I noticed these wonderfully unique business cards on a Medieval Craft Market here in Northern Italy, featuring quality handmade cotton paper and presented in leather pouches that were also made by hand, I knew instantly that I would make a blog article out of them.

Craft Gift

Aren’t those wonderful leather pouches…!? They would make such great gifts for women AND men !!! 

handmade business cardsYes, I know it is too late for Father’s Day Gifts for this year, but plenty of time for next year.  Meanwhile, there are many birthdays coming up. And who says you need a reason to give a gift, and who says this gift could not be for yourself…



Unique Paper Making Projects Ideas

Anyhow, I can see a thousand variations on the pouch, such as wrapping the stack of cards in Japanese silk or in a stitched felt pouch that also has a tiny pocket for a pencil in it; or if you prefer; a indigo blue velvet wrap with a robin egg blue silk ribbon for a royal execution of our business cards.

handmade business cardsI’m also seeing various uses of these handcrafted cards. I can see ‘words of wisdom’ stamped on them. I can see them become a set of personal affirmation cards or angel cards; unique invitation cards; or tiny ‘thank you’ notes that you might like to keep in your hand bag.

Cotton Paper vs. Recycled Paper

This stack of cards was made by an Italian paper artisan who followed a many-century-old-recipe for handmade paper made from cotton.  He told me the paper is of highest quality; it sure looked and felt smooth and thick.

 paper making artisan

However, the environmentalist in me suggests that you instead collect fine tissue papers for a while (e.g. clean napkins that became wrinkled in the pack, or tissue paper that was used to stuff a gift bag). Once you have a kitchen bowl full of tissue paper, tear the sheets into small pieces and start your paper making ritual, as described in detail in my prior article on paper making here at FineCraftGuild.com.

You can tone the color of the paper simply by adding some colored tissue papers.  For the stack to be wrapped in blue velvet, you might add a few sheets of blue paper to your mix.  If you mix it with white paper, you will end up with a nice pastel tint.

To make your own stack of business cards on handmade papers, you’ll need:

1. A good paper making recipe (which I am still to post !!!), and the ingredients described

2. A tiny deckle that’s just the right size for business cards, or if you wish, small note cards or affirmation cards..

3. A piece of beautiful fabric or leather, that is a bit larger than 3x  the size of your business cards.  I have successfully used samples from a drapery & furnishing showroom: free top quality fabric.

4. A matching ribbon, leather, felt or other cord, or perhaps a beaded chain to tie the stack together.


While paper making is easy, I find that I need about 1 month for a project such as this to come together.  In this month, I prep all the details such as making or finding the exactly right-sized deckle, thinking through the ‘look’ of the project, and thinks like this.   However, two half-afternoons is really all you’ll need to create a very nice wrapped stack of handmade business cards. 

Wanna try?  Show me your wares when done!

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