Make Halloween treat melted witches for some sweet magic!

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I’d like to celebrate the first few days of Autumn, with classic favorite Halloween treat melted witches. There are three things I love about Halloween. Ok, Four: 1) Halloween treats; 2) the dazzling array of interesting Halloween costume ideas; 3) Halloween Party Décor (to decorate your home for Halloween even if the party is not at your house… wink); and 4) I love taking Halloween photos, capturing moments of creativity and family delight – embracing that season of abundance, delicious spookiness and sweet miracles (aka Halloween candy!!). Actually one more thing: 5) the original Wiccan story of harvest and renewal. I’ll write about that in an upcoming article.

Now, let’s start with HALLOWEEN TREATS !!!!!

halloween treat melted witches recipe

There are many easy Halloween treats for kids to choose from, but melted witches are a classic. This is why I am featuring them. They are as popular today as they were in yesteryear. Most importantly, they are oh-so-fun Halloween treats for kids. That is, they are fun to make for kids, fun to give away as a Halloween classroom treat, or fun as a kids party favour. And best of all: these melted witches are fun to eat for kids. And for child-like minded folks like me, I’ve seen these cookies being used as cupcake toppers!

This is what they should look like. 3 variations on a theme:

Halloween Treat: Melted Witches ::

Photo credit: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Photo credit: Kristen Duke

I like the modern take that Kristen gave to these Halloween treats. What about you?

Halloween Treat: Melted Witches ::
Halloween Treat: Melted Witches ::

Photo credit: Taste of My Home.

Halloween treat melted witches recipe

– Here’s How to Make Them –

There is not really a melted witches recipe, as it is more of a candy assembly project! Therefore, there are many ways to make your own kind of melted witches, using this base ‘recipe’ below.

Melted Witches – Ingredients & Supplies

To make these Halloween treats, you’ll need:

Candy Broom

  • 1 pretzel stick + some pliable candy such as flattened Laffy Taffy to wrap around the pretzel to make it into a broom. Or, use shredded coconut pieces dipped into melted white chocolate. While in the olden days people used the coconut pieces, I think that the ‘modernised version’ with taffy is easier to use for kids.

Chocolate Puddle

Cookie Witch Hat

  • 1/2 or a whole chocolate Oreo cookie is the rim of the hat.
  • Now for the cone of the hat, there are 2 versions. The easiest, and most common version of this melted witch cookie features a simple Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss.
  • The slightly more complicated recipe of this Halloween treat makes the hat cone from dripped chocolate over Bugles.
  • Tip: if you went thru the trouble of using coconut pieces for the broom, you might want to fill hollow hats with shredded coconut to enforce that flavour a bit more.

How to Make Halloween Treat Melted Witches

You might want to prep things a bit here. Start with making all the brooms. When that’s done, make the hats by attach the cone of the hat to the Oreo hat rims with some melted chocolate. You can cover it with as much chocolate as you like, but aim for a bit of contrast in colors and textures.

With these components handy, you’re ready to make the body of the cookie, which is really just a puddle of chocolate in two colors. Begin with melting the white chocolate and adding a drop of food coloring. Then, melt the dark (or milk) chocolate, separately. Pour a circle of the brown chocolate and immediately pour a circle of the colored chocolate over it. (Or vise versa). Plop the hat and the broom in the puddle, while the chocolate sets. Done!

Wait for about half an hour before presenting your cookies.

This Halloween treat melted witches are not the only easy treats for kids we’ve created. Here’s another favorite…

Halloween Treat spider candy lollies ::

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