Halloween Stencils: Adorable Scarecrow

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Stencils are one of my favorite things, as you no doubt have discovered on this craft blog. And we use them here at the Fine Craft Guild for everything, from cooking stencils, wall paper stencils, and other home decorating stencils.

This Halloween, I had a bit of a scour around for Halloween stencils and could not find anything really good. So, I created my own versions of some of the classic Halloween stencils.

So, here is my own Halloween stencil Scarecrow template.


Free Downloadable Halloween Scarecrow Stencil

halloween stencil scarecrow Click on the scarecrow image on the left to reach your larger free downloadable Halloween stencil.

An image used by Diane Smith at Stencil with Style was my starting point.  Then, I transformed it into a happy and contemporary scarecrow. Then I made a downloadable stencil out of the image, one that we can all use for Halloween this year.


How to Use this Free Stencil

The general ‘how to’ information for stenciling: Stencil Tips, Make yr Own Stencils, Sophisticated Stenciling and check featured links on these pages.

So, then it becomes a point of ‘where’ to use stencils & ‘for what purpose’. I imagine that you can use this stencil for loads of Halloween ideas: for Halloween party table decorations, or trick-or-treat bag decoration, as an appliqué on Fall-themed pillows for the porch, or much enlarged, the stencil can be used as a window Halloween silhouette.

Silhouettes are quite the rage this year.  Or maybe they always were and I am only discovering them as they are so easy to make and to decorate with. Anyhow,  you get the drift: use this free Halloween stencil any way you like, provided it is for non-commercial, personal use solely*.


More Free Halloween Stencils

Free downloadable Halloween stencils I am working on for you:

These are three FREE stencils by yours truly. Use them for pumpkin carving or cake decorating, or anything Halloween -ey that you wish.

Click here for more Halloween Stencils to round out your collection.


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* For commercial use: email me. I would be happy to take on commissions.

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