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A raven is an important omen, according to Native American Indian wisdom. When you see a raven, expect magic, shape-shifting and creation! That sounds perfect for Halloween, right?!!

So, download your free raven craft stencil and decorate with a bunch of them, all around the house.

I have seen some cute executions of the ravens. Actually, this raven stencil is a perfect match to my prior Halloween stencil of a scarecrow, and together would make a nice display.  What is coming up next is a very large haunted house template, which would round out the grouping of Halloween stencils.

Halloween Raven

How to Use This Free Stencil

You can use my stencils in several ways:

1. Download your raven shape by clicking on the image. Use it as a template to make black cut-outs on black craft paper. Tape the raven silhouettes on the windows or frame them. As above, then make a bunch if black cut-outs of both the ravens and a scarecrow and combine them into a Halloween mobile.

2. Download your raven shape and use it as a stencil by cutting out the center (black parts). Use it to decorate your Halloween cake; to stencil a T-shirt, Trick or Treat bag, placemat, etc. or to spray paint onto other objects for your Halloween display.

3. Reduce the shape, multiply it (e.g. by photocopying) gluing your raven halloween stencils back onto 1 paper. Then, cut out the many little shapes to make as stickers or tags for good-bags and other Halloween gifts. Or use the little shapes to decorate your Halloween party invitations.

I am sure you can come up with more ideas…

Happy Halloween-ing… It’s fun to play, isn’t it? I had fun making these stencils and I hope you enjoy them also. (Terms of use: personal only. Do not reproduce nor use for commercial applications. Leave copyright notice in tact, thank you. )

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