7 Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layouts

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Halloween is a time of family memory making. Scrapbooking is a perfect way to make those memories last and to display photos of delightful moments and perfect disguises.

Halloween, Thanksgiving and well the holidays in general are typically a very busy time of the year, and so I thought to share with you a handful of beautiful scrapbooking layouts to create some handsome pages of scary and funny Halloween family fun, parties and pleasure.

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts


7 Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layouts

Here are seven Halloween Scrapbooking page layout ideas for you, followed by a video on how to put an entire page layout together using the Silhouette. Use the layouts for ideas at least, and also to familiarize yourself with some of the layout packages available.

Wicked Witch Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layout

I love the use of chevron paper in this. As well, the color contrast of yellow and witchy purple works very well. A rather clean layout that nonetheless conveys the mood of Halloween in a really good way. You can make this using a Cricut dye-cutter and Halloween themed cartridges.

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts w. witches

By Cricut

Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layout themed ‘Pumpkin Carving’

This page layout is made the ‘old fashioned way’ with packages of elements.    I think it’s my favorite layout. I love the patchwork pumpkins as well as the trailing leaves of pumpkin plants. A rather friendly Halloween page.

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts, pumpkin carving

By Scrapbook.com

Another Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layout themed ‘Pumpkin’

With this dazzling set of page layout elements, you can make any photo look good. I was attracted by the diamonds…

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts with pumpkins

By Scrapbook Graphics

A different Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layout, again with that ‘Pumpkin Carving’ -theme

This page layout shows a Happening event. Perfect to display a boy having fun carving!

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts pumpkin carving

By Layout-a-week.blogspot.com

Halloween Scrapbooking Page idea with Stripes and Chevrons

This page layout idea is simple, effective and really contemporary. The choice of textures and patterns on the page work very well with the striped Halloween costume of the toddler.  A great design.

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts with bats

By Me & My Big Ideas

Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layout with Polka Dots, Sculls and other Halloween Icons

I am showing you the details here as that’s where you can see how magnificent this page layout really is. Have a look at this close-up. Three text boxes, each with a different treatment. Stitched paper sections, with subdued polka dots, that is repeated in the border and the other papers.  A fun graphic scull that is attached in a raised manner to make it stand out further.  … And that is just one small corner of the design.

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts like this are made with a lot of creativity and ingenuity. And it sure helps if you have the right equipment. The cut-outs of of the raised spider, witch and skull, made with the Silhouette Cameo.  The rest is history..

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts with skulls

Here is the whole page of a really fun Halloween night!

Halloween scrapbooking page layouts spiders

By >Northridge Publishing

A Happy Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layout with Cheery Bunting

What a clever way to use the bunting. It looks like a Halloween skirt and certainly furthers that darling’s Halloween witch costume.  The rectangular shapes give grounding to the overall design. Meanwhile,  the circular motion of the black doily, rosettes and labels makes the design bubbly and festive.   Really beautifully decorated.

happy Halloween scrapbooking page layouts with bunting

By Jessica Lamb Stamps

Halloween Scrapbooking Page Layout – Howto Video

And if you are new to Scrapbooking and wonder how to put a page together, or if you are an experienced scrapbooker and wish to learn some new techniques, then please enjoy this video here which sets out how to use the Silhouette to make your own Halloween Scrapbooking Page layouts. 

Note re. the craft supplies needed to scrapbook this 12 x 12” page layout: This video is a few years old and things have moved forward. What you’ll need to make a project similar to/like this one is a Silhouette Cameo with Silhouette Halloween Die-cut sets.

Happy Halloween, everyone! And Happy Memory Making!


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