Halloween Pancakes

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By now I have my whole family in the fold, and we are all coming up with crafty ideas for the holidays. Ha ha…

This morning, we experimented with Halloween pancakes. What a joy it was to make these. Without any toys and tools other than a knife and a bit of Nutella, we created some bat pancakes. Very easy. Very fun.

For anyone wondering what to do for Halloween without having to go through the trouble of a ‘full on’ party: I highly recommend having a Halloween breakfast, or… making pancakes as an afternoon tea Halloween craft: success and lovely pancakes guaranteed!

bat halloween pancakes

As well, talking about ‘full on’ parties… cooled pancakes actually make great Halloween party food. Particularly for a kids party. You can have them ready-made in the right shapes & colors or use it as an activity, as kids love to decorate!

Halloween is Sweet

But how much sugar & chocolate is enough?

I used pre-made chocolate paste as it’s yummy, the right color (i.e. dark) and easy to use. My mom used to add pure cocoa powder to butter, with just a tiny touch of sugar, to make her own homemade low-sugar spread.

I’m sure you can make hearty and healthy pancake versions, if that is important to you. For example, how about carrot strips for straw and cheese and cucumber bits to make a scarecrow?

Or, how about using sliced oranges to make pumpkin faces? With pure-chocolate cooking bits to make eyes and and a mooth, these will look fun.

If you add vanilla to your batter, perhaps you can get away with not adding any sugar or syrop at all, and simply cut Halloween shapes such as bats, pumpkins, and ghosts.

bat halloween pancakes 2

Cutting Pancakes with Stencils or Knife

If you are a bit hesitant to start cutting and shaping your round pancakes, just use our free Halloween stencils! If you print our free Halloween ghost stencil, you can use it by cutting your whole pancake into the shape of a ghost.

Or, you can cut out the ghost out of the paper, and in the opening, sprinkle sifted cocoa powder, and there is your Halloween pancake.

To cut out a raven pancake would be harder, so I’d just use that stencil form to sprinkle sifted choco powder onto my pancake. I’m sure the results will be great.

Of course, you can also apply white frosting and kids would have loads of fun with creating Halloween shapes like pumpkins, and the likes, using a cake decorating set.

Oh, and did I mention that you can stamp out little shapes using cooky Halloween cookie cutters

Halloween pancakes
Halloween cookie cutter

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