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Amazingly Beautiful Halloween Food :: Cakes and Cupcakes

Today, I’m parading some of the best-looking Halloween cupcakes & cakes to stimulate your senses. Hopefully they’ll spur you on baking your own glorious or scary but scrumptious delicacies!


I think, this is the thing that makes Halloween so attractive to us all: for once we can let all our guards down and make something really wacky, crazy and bizarre, and none will think any less of us. Isn’t that right?! Year-round we’re rewarded for making and presenting pretty things, except for at Halloween. Right?!!

Well, what gives me a Happy Halloween! are just looking at these beautiful Halloween food ideas around. Not that I am going to make all, I am inspired by them all. You know me, I make an easy simple solution instead, but built upon these amazing features here.

Beautiful Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Cupcakes

layered Chocolate Orange Cakes

Halloween cupcakes ::

Halloween candy bags

halloween cakes

Halloween Central

Or, visit our Halloween Central for all things Halloween (lots to howto’s, templates and ideas)


Go here directly for more Easy, Spooky & Delicious Halloweeen cupcakes.



Halloween Party Planning

Tip: ** NOW ** is the time to get your Halloween Costumes organized!!!! Don’t leave it till the last scary minute… Choose from 101 Halloween Costume Ideas. Get ideas to make your own, or just purchase one of the great Halloween costumes we are featuring here. All info here.



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