Halloween in Fall …. lots of scary things & fear about (In N. America, that is; Here in the Italian country side, we’re mostly celebrating All Saints Day & All Soul’s Day, the days after Halloween; Literally none decorates her house for Halloween, except we do)….

Well, with all this fear & scary things around, all of a sudden I craved to create a message of hope. Something uplifting. Something spiritual. Something white, rather than nero. Something to put in my ‘mom cave’ as BNOTP calls it.

So, rather than making a “Boo”-sign, I thought to make a sign that gives hope that darker times eventually do transform and that a beautiful new passage of life can begins thereafter. And here it is.

My plague reads

‘Flowers Grow Out of Darker Moments’

Flowers Grow Out of Darker Moment


How to Make Hopeful Signs

I hoped over to the Graphics Fairy for some pictorial base materials that was romantic, loving and sweet, like these roses and this frame.  Then, I cropped, reduced, rotated & collage-ed the roses onto the frame, added my lettering and moved things about till I liked it and looked like this plague:


However, when I tried to print it, I realized that we’d ran out of ink & it looked scary and ugly!   The roses came out all stripy and yucky and you could not really see the frame well !!! Ahhh…  Something had to be done…

Well, running out of toner just turned out to be the best thing ever.  The real fun began after that!  I used colored pencils, watercolor paint and markers.   I applied my easy peazy ‘how to draw a rose’ – technique (click link for tutorial) to get some new roses.


flowersgrowframedWhen I framed my creation,  it looked like this:



Free Digital Download

I am giving away the digital base version of my sign to encourage you to have faith too.   You can print it out B/W, or color. Keep it as is, or do like I did, add some additional creativity to make it ‘your own’. 


My message of hope also makes a great ‘get well’ card or encouragement card for someone who needs it. For a card, I would print it B/W on colored card stock.

If you are interested in getting the digital download for this message of hope / quote , leave me a comment and I’ll email it to you.

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