My mind is set on trying new Halloween recipes this Fall and that includes making Halloween cupcakes. So, I did my research and found half a dozen wonderful Halloween recipes for cupcake designs of spiders, spooky ghosts, bloody faces, eyeballs, witch-pinned ones and other cupcakes orange and black sprinkles. I realize that I am not into all that yucky bloody stuff nor skulls or graveyard sticks, but I enjoy playful ghosts, funky spiders, pumpkins and that sort of ‘celebrate Halloween’- style of things. So, here’s my line-up of favorite, mostly easy Halloween cupcakes.

FineCraftGuild’s Halloween Cupcakes Favorite Recipes

Here are my favorite picks. I hope you enjoy these sweet and spooky decorating ideas for Halloween cupcakes. Which Halloween cupcake designs do you like best? Pin your favorite(s)!!!

Halloween Cupcakes ::

Recipe: Jenny Steffens

Halloween Cupcakes ::

Halloween Cupcakes ::

Halloween Cupcakes ::

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Halloween Cupcakes ::


The Complete Cupcake Recipes – Plus Frosting Recipes

Halloween Cupcakes ::

Free Halloween Cupcakes Decorating How-to Tutorials

Not all of the above Halloween cupcake designs come with recipes. But here are two that do. Click the first link for 2 cupcake recipes:

Halloween Cupcakes by ‘Not Martha’

  • How to make those chocolate spiders on the cupcakes
  • How to make fondant ghost cupcake toppers.  Free step-by-step tutorials

Ghosty Halloween Cupcakes at ‘Martha’

How to make the Halloween cupcakes with white fondant ghosts (complete Halloween cupcake recipe):

Halloween Cupcakes Stencils

Let’s learn how to make creepy cupcakes this Halloween! Having reviewed all those cupcake designs, I’m thinking to stick to using my Halloween Cupcake stencils, and, in particular, the Halloween Cupcake Stencils of Martha Stewart.

Stencils are a fast & practical way to go. I am certainly not an icing queen. I make a mess. And icing often tends to taste too sweet. But, using stencils usually gives good results. The contrast of dark cocoa with white vanilla sugar powder looks great and professional.

FineCraftGuild’s Halloween Crafts Guide

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