Halloween Costume Accessories for Kids w How-to Video

Halloween Crafts, Sewing Patterns, Stencil art

Today I want to share with you 3-4 very fundamental costume accessories that can be used in a wide range of Halloween costumes.


  • For elf, ballerina or princess costume: here’s how to make a quick, no-sewing, tutu:
  • 1. Cut a strip of elastic band that is to go around the waiste of your little darling, and tie it to size.
  • 2. Cut long strips of tule and tie them in the center with a simple 1/2 knot onto the elastic band. Use any color tule you wish. It’s cheap.
  • 3. You can add pompoms, ribbons or stars for an individual touch. Get your kids involved with adding sequins and other accoutrements.
  • 4. This of course makes a great toy for after Halloween as well for many happy dress-up hours.

TRANSFORM IT INTO AN ACCESSORY FOR WOMAN’S HALLOWEEN COSTUME: Simple: just enlarge the size and ensure that you have enough ribbons going over the elastic band that your undies won’t show. :-)


  • For a Halloween warrior, a mohawk for a punk rock costume or a dinosaur cap, this is how you make an easy, no-sew helmet or mohawk:
  • 1. Cut your fleece into two 1/2-helmet shapes. mMeasure the circumference of the child’s head or use an existing hat of the child to determine the size. Dependent on the costume you are making, choose bright colored or printed fleece.
  • 2. Cut short strips of a contrasting fleece color (3-3.5″)
  • 3. With an eyelet hole puncher, punch holes to form a scull-line along the two helmet shapes. (You can find hole punchers in dollar stores, however if you run out of time to get one, you can also hand or machine sew the helmet.)
  • 4. Tie the contrast-colored fleece strips through the holes, so that a mohawk is formed.

TRANSFORM IT INTO AN ACCESSORY FOR  ADULT HALLOWEEN COSTUME: It’s all in the details!! Have a look what Christian Dior did with this simple design. I have to say, I love this wool hat from their 2002 collection.  Of course, this would be a great idea to use for a Halloween costume for guys.


  • To decorate plain t-shirts,  hats, jackets, pants, capes, …you name it, iron on any image you wish.
  • The uses for this little craft embellishment tip are endless: add a pirate skull on your dog’s hat, white skeleton outline onto your black shirt, or create princessey curls and bejeweling for any top of your royal highness of 4′ and under.

    1. Buy Iron-on Transfer Paper at online suppliers like Amazon, Dick Blick or at your local office supply store.

  • 2. Find or create the image you wish to transfer. You can find great images in your local library as well as online. Be considerate of copyright laws and ensure legal usage of the image you are transferring. Making your own is always best: draw with markers, collage or paint. Then use a good color photocopy of your artwork for this project.
  • 3. Use the iron-on transfer paper as per the instructions that come with it, and within minutes, your work is done!  If you’d know just how easy it was, you would have done this long time ago.

TRANSFORM IT INTO AN  ACCESSORY FOR  WOMAN’S HALLOWEEN COSTUME: Actually the sky is the limit with this iron-on applicating. There is no adaption required as  the instructions are the same.  The only thing I want to highlight is relative sizing. Your iron-on transfer paper is 8.5 by 11 inch no matter who the applique is for. However, for your dog or child you only need parts of that paper to fill the whole design space. For something for yourself or a guys halloween costume, you may need several sheets to cover a t-shirt.

How to Make a Candy Vending Machine Halloween Costume – Video

‘How to Make Some Great Halloween Costumes for Kids’: This video offers an inexpensive and really cool how to tutorial with templates for a child Halloween costume to make yourself: a candy vending machine. Adorable.