Hairy Halloween Candy Spiders

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Do you dare to eat spiders? What do you think of this scary, hairy monster? Well, I bet you’ll love the taste of it! It’s a strawberry-flavored Halloween candy lollipop ! Yes, moms: easy to make. Super-fun Halloween crafts. To do with the kids, for the kids! And these spiders make fabulous Halloween decorations also.

halloween candy spiders

Halloween Candy Spiders,

Craft Supplies Needed

  1. Googly Eyes (Pipe Cleaners): 2 eyes per candy, unless you make one-eyed monsters!
  2. Pipe Cleaners (chenille stems): 2 colors per spider.
  3. Purple yarn
  4. Fur Yarn
  5. A glue stick
  6. Everyday Scissors

7. Oh, and of course: lots of Halloween Candy : Chupa Chups lollipops because they are a bit nicer (fat-free, fortified with calcium and vitamins A & D, and loads of flavors: orange, apple, cherry, strawberry, strawberries and cream, choco vanilla, strawberry yogurt and peach yogurt) AND … these lollipops have a nice smoothly wrapped top that make ideal Halloween spiders head.

You can buy the whole lot online. Easy shopping.

These are hairy spiders !!!!


Halloween Craft Instructions

1. Put a tiny bit of craft glue onto the candy wrapper. Starting at the top, wrap the candy with purple yarn. I used some high end cotton, but inexpensive acrylics craft yarn (like this one here for 1 ct: Lion Brand Hometown Yarn ) will be just fine also. As an alternative, wrap the head in purple or black craft paper (try AstroBright).

2. Cut a rag pipe cleaner in half, and loop it around the little candy stick. Center that loop properly, as that is your spider’s body. Bend the ends of the spider legs. Remove the set of legs from the candy stick and wrap hairy yarn around it.

3. Make four of these, and string them onto the candy stick. If you wish, secure them with a bit of glue, so they stay on better.

4. Secure 2 googly eyes onto a tiny strip of paper and glue that onto the yarn head. I personally used a bit of folded over sticky tape and placed them both onto that little strip. Without the strip of tape or paper, the googly eyes won’t line up at the front of the face and a different facial expression results.

These HAIRY DIY Halloween Candy Spiders treats are yummy & fun. Making Decorative Monsters is an easy crafts, made with lollipops.
These HAIRY DIY Halloween Candy Spiders treats are yummy & fun. Making Decorative Monsters is an easy crafts, made with lollipops.

Another Happy Halloween craft. Make these as edible Halloween Decorations for your home & Trick-or-Treat Candy to hand out.

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