Halloween Bat Cupcakes

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Halloween BAT cupcakes!

I just found the perfect Halloween treats to add to my selection of Halloween cupcakes.

I love chocolate, and these are easy to make.  Actually, if you have a look at the recipe over at Betty Crocker, you will realize that there’s no ‘real’ baking involved; rather more cake mix and candy management. For once, I’m ok with that. These Halloween cupcakes are not going to be eaten by just me and my hubby, but rather by all the kids in the street. To get volume, sometimes you have to be practical. Meanwhile, I think that in terms of food quality and nutrition, these bat cupcakes are still better for them than many of the store bought packages candy.


I know that in the US in particular, these Halloween bat cupcakes could only be given to people you know. Giving them as a ‘trick or treat’- treat might be a waste of time,  as I know parents would fish these out, considering them potentially ‘dangerous’ and throwing them out! They’ll never be eaten! What a waste.  My rule therefore is this:  offer only packaged Halloween candy to the kids you don’t know yet.   But… meanwhile….. (the kids of) your friends will however be DELIGHTED with these amazing BAT Halloween cupcakes! So, this is for them.

Halloween Bat Cupcakes

Find the recipe for these Halloween bat cupcakes at BettyCrocker.com.

Halloween Designs

It is always amazing to me, the difference that ‘eyes’ make in a design. It makes things come alive!!! Remember that candy spider I designed with googly eyes?!

I’m adding this to the Halloween cupcakes –  list! I think we now have enough variety of Halloween ideas here  for 2014, and I am calling this officially the latest new idea for the year at the Fine Craft Guild.  For all    most of our Halloween ideas, visit the Fine Craft Guild’s own Halloween –  Central, with 101  150 or so Halloween costume ideas, tons of free templates and craft projects, Halloween party decoration and more.

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