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Always wondered how to….

  • Get an elegant 1930’s hair do up?
  • Look like a gorgeous Chinese princess? 
  • Take your hot hair out of your neck to cool down in summer?


hair accessories for 1930s hair do

Our Australian-based guest writer & handmade jewelry designer from Chinese origin, Deborah Davy (Two Cheeky Monkeys) offers us at Fine Craft Guild a free step-by-step jewelry making tutorial, complete with lovely illustrations, on how to make your own stylish hair sticks using gorgeous beads and some jewelry making techniques.

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2 Cheeky Monkey’s Recipe for

‘Swarovski Elegance’ Hair Sticks




“Swarovski crystals and pearls are some of my favorite supplies with which to work and I can think of no better way to adorn oneself for a special occasion, such as a wedding, than with a Swarovski creation!”

Jewelry Making Supplies

Hair Sticks

· End-drilled wooden hair stick

· Cutting pliers

· Silver headpins

· Round nose pliers

· 5 x 8mm Swarovski pearl rounds in mauve

· Bead board

· 1 x 8mm Swarovski pearl teardrop in mauve

· Epoxy adhesive

· Florist foam or styro-foam block




hair accessories STEP 1. Push the hair stick into the foam block to hold it upright and steady.  Mix up a small amount of the epoxy adhesive.  Thread an 8mm round Swarovski pearl onto a headpin then dip the end of the headpin into the adhesive. 


Push the headpin into the drill hole of the hair stick until it reaches the end of the hole. 


Push the pearl down the headpin onto the end of the hair stick – this will hide squeeze out of excess glue and help to further secure the headpin and bead to the hair stick.  Leave the glue to cure for at least 2 hours, but leaving it overnight will guarantee the adhesive has fully set and cured. 

hair stick step 2

Once the glue has fully set, cut off any excess headpin, leaving 6-7mm (1/4 inch) at the end.  Using your round nose pliers, turn the end into a loop or “eye”.



STEP 2. Meanwhile, lay out the rest of your beads on your bead board in order of stringing.  You should have four 8mm round pearls and one teardrop pearl laid out with the teardrop at the end of the row of round pearls.


hair accessories STEP 3. Thread the teardrop pearl onto a headpin and cut off any excess, leaving 6-7mm (1/4 inch) at the end.  With your pliers, turn the end of the head pin into a loop.


STEP 4. Thread an 8mm Swarovski round pearl onto a headpin and create a loop in the end.  Push the pearl to the end with the loop and cut of any excess pin, again leaving 6-7mm (1/4 inch) at the end.  Turn the end into a loop with your pliers, but make sure to attach it to the pearl drop before closing the loop.


hair accessoriesSTEP 5. Repeat step 4 until you have one 8mm round pearl left. Thread this pearl onto a headpin and create a loop, attaching this loop to the chain of beads you have already created. Cut off any excess headpin and create a loop in the end, this time attaching the whole chain of beads to the bead on the hair stick.

And voila, you have an elegant Swarovski pearl hair stick to wear for your special occasion!

Professional Jeweler TIP

If you want to make a pair of hair sticks (or multiple pairs for bridesmaids), multiply the number of supplies required and repeat all the steps for the other hair stick(s).

However, if making a dozen pins is a bit too daunting, then just hop over to the 2 Cheeky Monkeys shop at Etsy as I’m sure you could put an order in for as many as you’d wish.


hair accessories

Rose’s Conclusion

These hair pins really get my creative juices going. In Italy, where the summers are ‘oh so hot’ but where elegance must not be jeopardized, ever, I will simply have to try making a few of these as gifts for my Italian girl friends.

With these instructions, they appear to be so easy to make and a great tool to have in your bag on those hot summer nights when you must swiftly transform from beach gear into evening gown and go for dinner somewhere. Lipstick on and hair up, and you’re good to go.

Hip Fashion Design Idea: don’t stop at one string of pearls. Make 20-40, all of varying length instead. GLAMOUR!!!


THANK YOU, Deb, for this fabulous guest post tutorial. We love it and we love you.  We hope to see you back here some time.




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