Hair Accessories: Cute Tie DIY

DIY Personal Accessories

Lift hot hair out of your neck and look cuter than a button.

Add this handy scarf tie to your collection of hair accessories. 


  • Fun and flirty
  • For pony tails, buns, and braids!


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My Quick 1, 2, 3, Step-by-Step How-To

Step 1: Cut two long oval-leaf-shaped strips of fabric of about  12-15” length, and oh say 4” at the widest point, and then tapering on both sides.

Step  2: With the good sides of the fabric pieces facing each other, sew them together, with 1/2” seam allowance, leaving a portion of the project open.

Step 3: Turn the strip right-side out.  Cut a piece of wire 2 x your chosen length of the fabric strip. Tie the wire into a loop, and place it into the fabric. With your fingers make the wire pointy at both ends of the strip of fabric. Sew close. Snip of thread and wear your bow.


Sewing Tips:

1. this is a great project to use up remnants, or to create a matching hairband with a dress.

2. For extra cute-ness, use coordinating fabrics for top and bottom of the bow.

3. This is a great teen craft as well as girl camp craft, as it could easily be made without a sewing machine.


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