Accessories: Sew Your Own Hair Bands

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Hot this summer? Still need more hair accessories to keep cool? OK. Here’s a reversible, stay on hairband sewing pattern.

Hairbands are little sewing projects that cost nothing as they so nicely use up those bits of fabric that were left over from a recent bag sewing project, a dress sewing project, or when you made that apron, way back.

Use two lovely, coordinated fabrics, and essentially make a strip that is wider at the top and then thins out at the sides and the back of your head, and secure it with a little bit of elastic to get it on/off your hair. 

hair band template

Hair Band Sizing

Here is a downloadable template, if you want one. However, I’d measure the circumference of my head, or a well-fitting hairband you already own as a yard stick.


photo/template credit: foofanangle


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