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This DIY decoupage project for a hard eyeglasses case is giving a completely new look to my worn-out old Gucci sunglasses case. It used to be a beautiful faux- leather eyeglasses case.  Then, the Gucci sunglasses got lost somewhere along the line. Meanwhile, I kept the original hard case that the pair of Gucci sunglasses came with. I love that it’s so sturdy.  A while ago now, the case got ‘upgraded’ to be for my regular reading glasses when I’m on the go.  But, mmm…. with the intensive use of in and out of my handbag and all-day-handling, the case got completely worn out and something needs to be done about that.


DIY Gucci Sunglasses Case Makeover into a Fun Decoupaged Eyeglasses Cover

Step 1: create a sheet of meaningful decoupage paper.  This was kind of a project in itself. You don’t have to do it as I’ll share my paper art work with you:


I created a faux Eyesight Chart for this project. I’ll keep the design for some later use. It looks good framed, doesn’t it?!

And maybe I’ll cover a book with it or something.   Or use it as the front for greeting card. I like that idea, do you?!


I love to see you smile

My Eyesight Chart reads ‘I love to see you smile’. If you like to get your own copy of this subway sign art / paper art freebie, sign up for my newsletter as I’ve added it to my subscription resources that you’ll get sent to you free once you sign up.


Be sure to print it leaving a bit more of a margin on the side of the paper than I did here in this photo!

You’ll want that white space so it will look more like a real eyesight chart.

How to Decoupage an Old Sunglasses Case


Step 2: Decide where you would like your letters to appear on the case. I cut the eyesight chart in half, as I wanted the opening of the case to be in between the lines #3 and #4. Clean your case with a damp (not wet) cloth, and  ensure it’s dry when you begin this project.   Then, start with w strip of paper glue along the edge of the case to get it right.


Step 3:

work along the middle of the case smoothening out the paper as you go along. As the case is curved, you will want to make paper incisions and slightly overlap the edges so your eyesight chart wraps neatly around the case.  Fold the ends into the eyeglasses case. Let it dry a bit. Good time to make a cup of tea/coffee.


Step 4:

Do the other side as per step 3, ensuring the letters are perfectly lined up with the shape of the case, and the bottom half with the top half.  

Cut off the extra paper on the inside of the case.


Step 5:

When dried a bit, trim, clip,smoothen out the paper till it’s perfect.

Then, cover with a layer of glitter glue (or regular glue or decoupage varnish, or acrylics varnish ~ basically anything that will add strength and give protection to your artwork. I choose a silver glitter glue as that will ‘hide’ any kind of ‘grey’ marks that will undoubtedly arrive in the near future on my new eyeglasses case.


Put your reading glasses on and admire your work. Smile. As after  all, this faux eyesight chart reads: “I’d love to see you smile”. That phrase just popped in my head. I like it.

Well, I hope this decoupage project makes you smile.  Do sign up for the newsletter so you’ll get your own free eyesight chart / word art that you can frame.  Enjoy.

Till tomorrow,


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