Group Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear this Year

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If you are going with a group to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, it is fun to plan ahead and attune your costumes so you all belong together. Here are some fabulous Group Halloween Costume Ideas:

Group Halloween Costume Ideas

* : ready-made Halloween costume to buy

** : make your own

Be sure to check our other Halloween costume ideas as there are several other themes that lend themselves to becoming group outfits.

How to Put the Group Costumes Together

Decide on a color scheme, a style and most often a brand or maker.

For example, the feature image has ABBA is white costumes, with yellow and blue accents. Works very well and is easy to do also. You all might already have some pieces for your ABBA group costumes at home. The example here below, however has really fun pink hippy fabric for her dress. That has to be matched with the accessories in color and style of the two men also. And of course, both girls should wear similar dresses. Click the image to see details.


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Other Halloween Costumes, besides these Group Halloween Costume Ideas:

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First published September 23, 2009. Updated October 24, 2023.

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