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Ahh. Finally another problem in my handmade work resolved, with this groovy  Boots Free Knitting Pattern.  Remember A little while ago I found these absolutely great crocheted boots (free crochet pattern #7 on the list in my prior article)? However, to my dismay, the Etsy girl who used to make them, decided she was ‘done’ selling the pattern.  That was a problem for some of my readers.  Meanwhile, I’d received quite a few responses of readers asking for another free crochet pattern for groovy slipper boots just like those in that article.

So today I am so happy to share this new boots free knitting pattern that is very cool. These style boots are called mukluks.  They are high, soft boots that are worn in the American Arctic. They are traditionally made from sealskin, and handcrafted by the Inuit and Yupik peoples who live there. So, that’s a bit of history for you, making your boots more interesting (wink).

This here is a knitting pattern – note: not a crochet pattern – but it will sure look just as good.

knitted boots patternFab Knitted & Crochet Boots & Bags for Women

Like to have the groovy boots free knitting pattern featured here?!  I like ‘m because they look comfy and fun. They are highly individual.  Having said this, they are quit popular today.  I know, Oprah has been wearing (crochet) boots on her show. And American and Italian shoe & fashion designers, such as Salvatore Ferragamo, have been liking crochet & knitted wear in their collection.

And there are loads of famous folks who go ga-ga over crocheted and knitted wear these days. OK, very good. The fashion mongals like knitting and crochet, and so do we.

funky crochet slipper boots Which Boots are Best for You?

If you like the details of the other boots that I’ve posted previously better, just change the pattern a bit to suit your taste.

Boots Free Knitting Pattern – Design Details

There are 3 style details that set these boots apart:

A. a decorative colorful lace at the front
B. crochet some circles for the base, and
C. add a row of fun fury yarn at the top and around the lace attachment.

It can’t be all that hard to incorporate these ideas into your project.

Your Free Boots Pattern

Here’s your free download.  This boots knitting pattern comes in all sizes.

Which Yarn to Use?

You will need Brown Sheep Nature Spun pure wool yarn, which you can buy here in many colors.

brown sheep woolbrown sheep wool leather lambs pride
brown sheep wool forest shadows lambs prideorange brown sheep wool lambs pride yarn


Which Needles to use?

It depends on what you are making, of course, however, this collection of 7″ double-point bamboo knitting needles are a great buy. There are 14 sets of 5 pieces/set (70 pieces in total).

First published December 11, 2009. Updated 2024

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