Great-Looking, Last-Minute Pumpkin Design

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THIS has to be the most Fashionable Pumpkin Design I ever saw: a genuine LOUIS VUITTON pumpkin, complete with vintage luggage tag.

Sweet Paul has a winner! He inspired all fashion lovers to pay homage to their favorite fashion brand, be that LV, Chanel or Gucci. Or, perhaps you’d prefer a Coach or Hermes squash???! Oh may. I have to say, this is very creative.


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And the gorgeous photo is done by his colleague Colin Cooke.



How hard is it to create this very fashionable pumpkin?

It can be done in a flash with nothing less but an oil-based Sharpie pen, which is waterproof, so you can leave your gorgeous pumpkin on the veranda in moist weather.

Paul is a designer, so it was easy for him to draw his fashion pumpkin freehand. I’d say that the average crafter might prefer to use some tracing paper to copy the logos or lining from their beloved handbags onto their pumpkins.

If you are strapped for time, you can merely design the front of the pumpkin. If you want to spend all afternoon, well, I think a grouping of differently branded pumpkins would have 10/10 curb appeal!

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