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Wow. 70 weeks old. We’re celebrating today!

In particular, I want to celebrate our collective abundance rather than turning 70. You see, we are collectively having an abundance of resources available to us. Yet, I know that some of us are really penny pinching these days. Not because we’re stingy types. But because there are only so many pennies to go around at present.

(+ When I did my rounds among the blogs in the last linky party, the one that was visited most, was in fact, something I entered myself in the party. In case you wonder, it was this white summer dress that caught your attention.)

So, instead of the usual features, I want to share with you the fastest ways I know to live in abundance.


5 Easy Steps for Immediate Abundance


1.  Feng Shui for Abundance

Clean up the prosperity corner of your home. IMMEDIATELY. Right now, figure out where it is using this handy-dandy look-up chart called a Feng Shui Bagua.

Stand up and GO CLEAN UP this part of your home. Yep. Right after you finish reading this article, and the article I am referring you to. Take out EVERYTHING that is broken or otherwise ‘second best’ in your mind and is not loved in your heart. Fix it, sell it, give it away or trash it. But it has got to go. Next, make this area tidy and lovely. Put things there that have cost you a lot. That are expensive. Place a crystal ball in it, i.e. the one that glitters when the sun shines on it. Perfect. Let it radiate around. Do any or all of these tips. The more the better. Read more about affirmations later, but this is a good spot to leave a note with an affirmation. As is a picture of that Cadillac or full pantry or otherwise symbol of abundance to you.


feng shui chart

Ensure that the colors are right in this area: add some royal (velvety) colors like eggplant purple. super-rich dark moss green or royal dark blue-green . Deep burgundy red also works when close to the next Bagua corner, the ‘Fame & Reputation’- corner.

Now, when you are cleaning up that prosperity corner, think of it as metaphysically removing all unwanted unhappiness and un-fortune, and making space for abundance to move in and shine through.

That’s it. Make yourself a cup of healthy green tea, and wait for the phone to ring. (I’m NOT kidding!)

In fact, I am going to stop writing this post now, just to tidy up MY ‘fortunate blessings’ corner (official title for your abundance area.)

BTW. This is a fabulous blog for this kind of info. Also consider this article: 15 feng shui tips you can do for your home today.


I’m back. Swept the floor, dusted the area and taken out some mess. Now. #2.


2.  A Mind of Gratitude

Change your mind, change your money. The next exercise I have for  you, is equally simple to the one above, but harder on some levels as it is an INNER purification. It’s a purification of ‘bad’ thoughts. And I don’t mean naughty thoughts.  I mean unhelpful thoughts which keep you stuck back there.

This is how you get out of that stuck situation: Be thankful.  The way to do it, is to say ‘thank you’ to what you have already received, and start raising the energy of that gratitude-feeling and let it override that feeling of ‘not having’.

And if you feel that’s nothing to be thankful for, let me help you on your way: You can be grateful, intensely grateful that you were not burned in a concentration camp, or that your toe nails were pulled off, or that your kid was in that school with the recent shooting, or that you happen to be on vacation in Thailand during the tsunami in  or live to endure the dramas in Oklahoma, or …. I guess I can stop here. You get the picture. You can simply be grateful for being alive and well. For the sun to shine. For the neighbor’s smile.  For your geraniums to bloom. For your yoga mat to be so comfy. And your body to bend so well.  BE in that state of gratitude.  Start with expressing gratitude for what is already there, and then extend that gratitude to embrace your affirmations.



3. Wealth Affirmations.

Next, affirmations.

Rather than ‘hope’ for a better future, affirm that it is ALREADY THERE.  In short, visualize (mentally live the new situation: say it, hear it, feel it, be it). Look in the mirror and talk about it with yourself. Say it to yourself as a statement. Very powerful. 1000x day.



As well, hang up reminders of these positive phrases. Hang something as lovely as this artwork in your home.  It’s a free printable by Diane, from AnExtraordinaryDay.net, who lives through an extraordinary challenging patch in life, and needs a hand from you all. Please go shop through her site, and/or make a donation in her name, once she puts that donation box on the right hand column of her blog. Di writes a half-decent blog, so hey, it’s worth supporting her for that also. After all, she gives us this lovely printable for free! A symbol of her loveliness.

Now, if you want to make your own artwork, consider these thanksgiving quotes, They are all positive affirmations and statements of gratitude. And of course, most to the point, have them be centered around  your own affirmations. 

Beyond direct asking the universe for cash, also consider affirmations like these… (free printable quotes):

    • St patrick s day quote : “A good friend is like a clover-four. Hard to find and lucky to have!
    • Henry Thoreau quote from Walden : If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.

Now these ARE NOT affirmations. But they do touch upon aspects of affirmations you might like to write down. By having them as ‘general statements’, these quotes are perfect for the more public areas of the home.


    And I just want to mention that prayer works. If you are so inclined, please pray for this family. Pray as if the family has already received support.


4. Crystals for Wealth.

Buy or ‘magically obtain’ ..(I seem ‘magically obtain’ them, as people GIVE ME these.).. healing stones that assist in creating abundance. Get one crystal to begin with. Carry it around, or put it into your abundance corner. Get more over time.

If you want to get a LOT of abundance / need significant change into this department, consider making a crystal grid for this purpose. Here’s an article on how to make crystal grids for wealth.


5. Do Random Acts of Kindness.

A friend of mine for her last birthday set up a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’-Facebook group encouraging each of us to do and share our random acts of kindness. I do quite a lot of random acts of kindness. However, I am not the type to toot my own horn. Further, I realize that ‘random acts of kindness’ live at all levels of consciousness. What is considered an act of kindness by one person may be so insignificant when compared to someone else’s. So, then, the significance of a random act of kindness is for us to FURTHER our inner-felt generosity, and to take us higher up on our spiritual path and be more filled with compassion for all of mankind, and a sense of oneness with each other.

So, that said, I have a favor to ask of you. Each and everyone of you, who have read this till far, please visit Di’s website and buy something there as requested. Or make a donation in her account. I’ve asked her to put a donation box in the right hand column of her blog. That’s another way to help out. It will be your random act of kindness for the day. A little goes a long way. Thank you.




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