Make these easy, adorable granny square fingerless mittens – crochet pattern

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These bohochic granny square fingerless mittens just put a smile on my face. While they look ‘involved’ they were remarkably simple to make. I started out wanting to design a pair of fingerless mittens that were a bit different. And based on a granny square. Not just one square but a bunch of smaller squares.

My Eco-thoughts for the design …

To me, mittens and granny square projects ‘ought to’ be made with remnants from larger projects. And with the current pandemic, I am not going into a yarn shop for a single skein of yarn. You?

And so it happened that I worked with slightly thicker pink yarn for the flowers than for the main body of these fingerless mittens. Which made them incredibly textured. Then I made the rosettes even more textured by working in the back loops and adding white rosettes on the square joints.

Picasso taught me this. He said there is never a wrong brush stroke. Any accident is meant and so build upon it! I did, and I love the result.

You could make these now for someone for Christmas but it’s a bit of a rush, unless you have nothing else to do. Probably best to instead gift the instantly downloadable .pdf pattern to someone who likes to start doing some more crochet projects. You?

Easy Pattern

As always, it’s a relatively easy pattern. The trickiest part is perhaps me trying to describe the thumb section. However, I did my super best with the instructions. And, the design of these mittens is so forgiving! The flowers and rosettes demand all the attention, so don’t worry about your perfection in the stitch count. Seriously. I mean it. How good it that?!

It’s a Granny Square Delight.

So there you have it, a pair of granny square fingerless mittens just as one might find at Anthrolopogie or boho-chic shop like that.

As a Christmas wink to you, I’m making them available for $1 till the end of the year.

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