Gorgeous Hearts – Free Printables

Stencil art

Gorgeous hearts -free printables: 15 designs to embellish just about anything. Enlarge them: to create a wall-decal/ furniture print stencil or bleach-dye them on t-shirts (gifts or keep). Keep ‘m small: to print in red and adorn that Valentine Card; to create loving embroidery patterns; or make into stamps. Or make a darling tag for your Valentine gifts. Or…

gorgeous hearts free printables

Image credit : Shery K Designs

Free heart clipart :: FineCraftGuild.com

Get Your Set of Hearts

Sorry, no longer downloadable as Shery K’s blog is no more.

More Stencils, Stickers & Stick-ons

We have however found lots of other heart printables, stencils and stickers that you can use for your Valentine and other lovely projects. I’ve grouped them into three types:

Choose from …
Heart Stencils
Heart Decals
Heart Quilting Stencils