Get These Gorgeous Hearts Free * Printables

Stencil art

10 years ago exactly today, we featured this sheet with gorgeous heart illustrations as free printables to embellish just about anything. Enlarge them: to create a wall-decal/ furniture print stencil or bleach-dye them on t-shirts (gifts or keep). Keep ‘m small: to print in red and adorn that Valentine Card; to create loving embroidery patterns; or make into stamps. Or make a darling tag for your Valentine gifts.

*Free, and some paid

gorgeous hearts free printables

Image credit : Shery K Designs

Get Your Set of Hearts

As Shery K’s blog is no more online but we get lots of people come look for heart printables, we can only offer you the smaller file we’re showing you today.

So, we designed our own set of 18 unique hearts, just for you. And we made them into a scalable vector .svg file, so can enlarge them as much as you want. Use them as stencils, templates, printables or even as a Valentines themed coloring page. . You can even use them as templates for your Cameo or Silhouette cutter.

To help with the upkeep of this blog, I’m asking for a small $1 contribution from each one of you who wish to download them. I hope that that’s not an issue for you. It’s more or less the cost of the extra charge of non-dairy milk at Starbucks, i.e. minimal. After this first week, they’ll be priced at $4.95 (still cheaper than any commercial rates at Amazon and definitely cheaper than Etsy printables.

More Stencils, Stickers & Stick-ons

We have found lots of other paid heart printables, stencils and stickers that you can use for your Valentine and other lovely projects. I’ve grouped them into three types. So, if you want even more choices of heart Illustrations, check out these links”
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