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Wednesday! It’s Time for a Party!!!! Regular linky party at the end of this post; amazing features tomorrow, ….. ‘cause today the limelight is going on a new kind of linky party …. Ta da….
A Google+ Club

Google+ is important. You MUST be ready there now for your blog to exist tomorrow. Bold statement, right?! Well, I think Google+ IS vital for your blog’s success.

You all have a Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest account, but Google+ is bound to be the next big social media and traffic source driver.  I admit: I found Google+ confusing at first. All these circles… It was ‘confusing’ because the Google+ social media design is multi-dimensional. Compare that with the much simpler designs of other social media sites: 2-dimensions (Pinterest) or 1-dimension (Twitter). I am sure that the initially confusing nature of G+ is why many of you have just a tiny Google+ following and not that much posted there. Let me help you!

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Join our Google Plus Club

google plus club

Today, I am going to help all us bring our Google+ account to a much higher level. I have teamed up with Amanda from Mommy is Coocoo. We have a group blog hop today, together with many other G+ blogs. Amanda in the lead. She has nearly 300,000 G+ followers, so she sure has figured G+ out. Follow her instructions on how to participate in our Google+ Club and get a following as great as hers!


Grow YOUR Google+ following
with our G+ party!

If you want to be included in our Google+ circle, this is what you do:

  • Step 1: Please ADD our button to your sidebar or post! That’s the top photo in this post, which is much smaller once you copy it.
  • Add ALL Cohosts to any of your Google Plus circles.
  • Step 2: In the linky party below Link up your Google+ URL, and NOT your blog URL!
  • Step 3. Share a ** creative post ** e.g. recipe, DIY project, crafts, to the public on your Google+, and include the hash tags #mommyiscoocoo and #finecraftguild.
  • Step 4. Socialize!! The more shares a website or blog post has, the better chance it has of ranking well. You have to promote others, so that OTHERS will to promote YOU, i.e. self-promotion through the promotion of others. See?!
      So what you do:
    • Add new friends to your circles.
    • Comment and Share posts you really enjoy!
  • Step 5. Throughout the day +1 posts with the hashtags #mommyiscoocoo and #finecraftguild on Google+


Time for our Party (regular linky party)

Besides sharing ywith us the Google+ way, you can still link up today in our regular linky party. Or, you can do both. Regardless, where and how you’ll share it, I look forward to learn what you have been working.

OK. Link up now!

How to join in our regular TIME FOR A PARTY linky

  • Step 1: link up your creative project
  • step 2: put our link or banner in the side bar or your post. step 3: visit other links, comment and have fun.
DIY Tutorial

If you prefer a picture instead of text, use this:

Click into this text box, select all (ctrl A), copy the code (ctrl C), and paste it (ctrl V) into the code for your article that are linking up. Then, re-save your blog article.

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