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First of all: THANK YOU FOR YOUR 2014 LINKY PARTY CONTRIBUTIONS, your loyal readership, your comments, your encouragement, your friendship!! I cherish you all!!! Thank you!!

2014 has been a good year in some ways. The blog underwent a couple of tipping points and improvements: I started a Craftsy shop with free/inexpensive knitting – crochet patterns for cute new designs by me. I am pleased that it’s been an incredibly successful shop from the start! Plus, I obtained a sewing machine and some wonderful new paper craft tools which I will write about in 2015. I had great vacations in the Netherlands and West-Vancouver, Canada. And enjoyed lovely long visits of parents, siblings and even my God child. And my friend from Paris came over and we got to play together in London for a week. So sweet! So, in terms of leisure, play, family and friendship, it has been splendid year!

happy new year 2015

(In my store: the crochet poppy and the small numbers crochet patterns set).

However, it hasn’t been all good.

For MANY people 2014 has posed great challenges, disappointments, facing great fears and personal drama.  One of my international friends committed suicide sliding into depression after her divorce. (I already lost two of my very best friends due to cancer in the last few years.) I am still feeling sad and quite alone as a result. But I am not alone in facing 2014 challenges. I know quite a few of you, readers, now on a more personal level. Collectively, me included, we are glad 2014 is over. While some of us had to face financial challenges, others lost their husbands, others went into the hospital. Some of your lovely souls are still without a proper home. We all had to dig deep within and find new strength, search for direction, and latch on to HOPE.

So, while I sit with my personal sadness, our loyal reader in Pakistan brought it home to me that none of us is has been challenged as the victims of the Pakistan drama just before Christmas where 141 innocent children lost their lives in a vicious terrorist killing in a school. This is the deadliest incident in Pakistan since 2007. Reader Khadija is a school teacher. I can just imagine the terror, fear, intense disbelief and sadness that must fill her heart and the hearts of those around her.  (

So, this post is dedicated to PEACE. Worldwide. And safety and freedom for all, compassion, harmony, kindness, forgiveness, and hope.

Farewell 2014. Hello 2015.

peace 2015 onwards

This linky party has a special theme: Farewell 2014 and Hello 2015. Share with us what you look forward in 2015, and what you are letting go of in 2014. Or, if you want to focus on positive events or accomplishments in 2014, you can share that also. Just as you can share your ideas / DIY for your new year celebrations or recent creative project. Just label your link-up image according to your intention.
This linky party will be open for several weeks. Maybe you’d like to write a journal post on this topic to share it here. If you have less time or are not inclined to share personal stories publicly, I am making the title section extra large so you can add a sentence explaining your link-up (without having to rewrite your entire article to match it up with this link-up)

Please link back to this party from your blog, so that everyone can share.

DIY New Year

p.s. there will be no post from me on New Year’s Day.

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