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I had a golden name necklace when I was about four years old. Did you too??!! (Am I giving my age away now??? Yes, it was long time ago.) ;Well, these old fashioned name necklaces are back. Big time!!

How so? New York Celebrities are wearing these instead of the LA glam girls’ beaded leather friendship bracelets I showed you last week. First it was Sarah Parker who wore it in the ‘S__ and the City’ show, then Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, and then there were many others.

You? Nahh…


Here’s something better. A name tag necklace with a twist. Super creative girl, Yuka Yoneda, who writes at Clossette, came up with a much more original idea, which I think is more sophisticated than that predictable little girl’s name tag. personal credit card name necklace tutorial ::

How about recycling your old credit gold card into THIS FASHION STATEMENT?

Love it, make it. 5 minutes flat.

So cool.

personalized necklaces :: personal credit card name necklace tutorial ::

Necklace Making Step by Step Instructions:

It is pretty self explanatory: take an old credit card and cut out your name (leave a bit extra on either side of your name, so that you can add 2 tiny holes (one on each side of your name). You can use a small hole puncher for that.  Add a charm ring to each hole, and string the rings onto a simple aluminum pearl bead necklace. 



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If you have MANY credit and store cards that you’d like to recycle, try making this popular mosaic mirror.

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Or if you prefer to use mosaic smalt tiles, well, this is a darling beginners project: a butterfly mosaic mirror.

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