Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

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23 Girl Halloween costume ideasm for girls of all ages to choose from (kids, teens, tweens). Transform your girl into a favorite Disney fairy tale princess, or a super hero, a Greek goddess, a darling witch or a little pony.

Of course, once you have reviewed all the costume ideas for girls here, your creative passion might be aroused and you find yourself dreaming up a Halloween costume all on your own.

  1. Very cute Cleopatra costume.
  2. Pink Supergirl costume.
  3. Pink mermaid costume + seaweed boa.
  4. Cinderella costume (purchase or learn more on Amazon)
  5. Sleeping Beauty costume .
  6. Minnie Mouse Costume.

  7. Super Heroes costume.
  8. My Little Pony costume.
  9. Chinese Princes costume.
  10. Wizard of Oz- Dorothy – girl costume (see Amazon)

  11. Pretty witch costume (see Amazon)
  12. Butterfly costume ** (
  13. Dora the Explorer w Backpack (or Boots & Diego) costume .
  14. Cleopatra costume *
    Learn how to do your Cleopatra make-up ** – video tutorial.
  15. High School Musical cheerleader costume.
  16. Indian Princess Pocahontas costume.
  17. Alice in Wonderland Costume
  18. Fairy costume
  19. Geisha costume *
  20. Ballerina costume *
  21. Hanna Montana costume *
  22. Teen Red Riding Hood Costume *
  23. Homemade Bumble Bee Costume **

Other Halloween Costumes

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