Gemstone Macrame Bracelet Pattern

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I love the contrast of the rustic macrame with the sophistication of gemstones. Beautiful! Designer Ntina actually just added bright-colored glass jewels to lend that sense of class and sassiness to otherwise simple macrame bracelets. explains that there is something about tying knots that is so relaxing! A must try.

Gemstone Macrame Bracelet Pattern

gemstone macrame bracelets to DIY

You’ll need about 3m of 1.5-2mm cord and 1 gemstone with connector loops for each bracelet.  Cut 2 pieces about 20 cm each (for the center strands) and 2 pieces about 1m each (to twist around these).

First loop the short piece through the eyelid of the gemstone, with 2 evenly long center strands. Tie one of the 1m pieces snug against the eyelid onto those center strands. And start tie-ing away. If you alternate sides, your bracelet will turn out flat. If you tie them all int he same direction, your bracelet will for a twist.

Free tutorial:
By Ntina from Happy Girl Crafty in Greece

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