Hi! Just to give you an update on GDPR and FineCraftGuild. GDPR is a new European law about online data privacy and handling mostly. I have updated our prior ‘terms of use’ page and added a second page, dedicated to my privacy policy.


What do these pages say? Highlights:

Simply put, your data is in great hands. We have always used aWeber as our email management provider, which both holds your data very secure and which required every newsletter subscriber to double-opt in.

The new law has some ambiguity re. what exclusive offers I can and cannot give solely to newsletters subscribers. So for EU residents: while the world is sorting this out in detail, I am simply deciding that my EU readers can contact me to get any of their desired patterns & freebies that are published today as freebies solely for newsletter subscribers. Free. Please do allow me 4-6 weeks to respond however, as I have no idea how many emails I’ll get and if I will be able to handle them quickly …. ;-)

The rest of the details are here:

Privacy Policy

Disclosure and Terms of Use


Newsletter Readers

If you are a newsletter subscriber, you should by now have received an email that indicates that you can easily unsubscribe.   I hope however that you won’t and stay around for a while. We have already 1500 patterns and ideas here, and I’m still, once and a while adding new  patterns…



If you have any questions, comments  re FineCraftGuild and GDPR, just contact me and I’ll help you further.



Note:  My being-nice ‘policy’  (to typically give the first 10-50 pattern downloads free) remains  (but  our paid patterns stay paid)


Talk to you soon!







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