Make your own trendy Apolis Garden tote bags with this easy free sewing pattern

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I noticed the popularity of these Apolis + Kinfolk garden tote bags . So, I though you might also like the gardeners tote bag pattern by Alissa. We have featured it some time ago. This tote bag by Alissa is a free bag sewing pattern, which is ideal to make your own garden bag, similar to the one by Apolis.

(Simply omit Alissa’s quilting details).

tote bags :: free sewing patterns

Just the look of this picture makes you want to go on a picnic with her, right?!

Which fabric to choose for your garden tote bag

I have to say, with the white-natural burlap contrast in this tote bag by Apolis + Kinfolk is cute and summery ! Kinda relaxed-chic. So, why not use the same color & fabric combination for your bag:


Btw. besides natural & white, this burlap comes in fun pink, chocolate brown, Spring green, and other colors. Note that burlap (i.e. 100% jute) is inexpensive, sturdy fabric that is ideal for making heavy duty tote bags. You might like to add a lining of a water repellant fabric, or a nice, softer fabric. What’s best depends on how you intend to use your handmade bag.

Free Sewing Pattern for Tote Bags

garden bag free sewing pattern

Alissa’s Garden Bag Pattern

Folded Bag Pockets

See that?! The Apolis bag pockets are folded, whereas Alissa’s are not. Folded bag pockets make bigger pockets. And that’s good. Look! These folds allow the pockets to contain 3D objects such as thermos flasks, coke bottles, your entire set of picnic cutlery, etc.

Leather Bag Handles

Where to get those leather bag handles is here:

These leather handles are only $25.98 and qualify for free shipping.

Bag sewing tips

1. You might like to reinforce the bottom section of the Alissa bag, just like the Apolis is a double layer for the bottom.  How to? Easy. Measure the width and the lengths  of the sections you would like to reinforce and cut pieces to match. Allow for 1/2 inch seams all around. Sew fabric layers together before putting bag together for easiest handling.

2. Last but not least: if you don’t have one already… consider buying or making yourself a bag organizer – free sewing pattern.

More patterns

Get yourself a bag today. If not the one above, then consider maybe 100 or more bag patterns and designs for all kinds of bags, from credit card pouches, to coin purses, to make up bags, lunch bags, back pags, clutches, hand bags, shoulder bags, market bags, diaper bags, tote bags and … well, any other kind of bag under the sun. Even some Anthropologie-inspired bags and an online sewing workshop on how to ‘anthropologize’ your bag designs.


Visit our site section that ‘s dedicated to handmade bags and patterns to knit, crochet or sew your own bags. You are bound to find several you’ll love to make.

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