Make a Furoshiki gift wrap – so gorgeous & eco-friendly!

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5. Furoshiki gift wrap how-to with a Japanese scarf

This type of gift wrapping is still very popular in Japan and is often used to give food, and other treasures given on special occasions. The type of wrapping is said to stem back from the Japan’s Nara Period (that’s 700 BC) when it was called “tsutsumi, meaning “package” or “present” and when it was primarily used to wrap important goods and treasures inJapanese temples.

Today, you can use the same technique to make a luxurious gift wrap for your friends and family.

I love the look of these packages. So, I also use them in my home decor. E.g. I occasionally bundle up a stack of ‘something’ (i.e. ‘a project’ )that I don’t want to have on display all the time, but I know if I put it away, I will never finish that project. This way, it stays in sight, and is pretty.

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Here’s my 3-step tutorial on how to make this gift wrap

  1. The gift wrap technique used here is every so simple. Knot the top and bottom flap. Knot the left and right flap.
  2. Braid the 3 silk scarf-ends together and fold them into a rosette.
  3. Add a twig with berries.

Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese cloth wrapping technique, is also environmentally friendly. I just absolutely love the fact that you can learn more about Japanese gift wrapping techniques directly from the Japanese Ministry for the environment: here ! Check that out. 14 illustrated techniques!

Difficulty: easy

Tip: if you have an odd shaped gift, place it in a regular open cardboard box and then wrap the cloth around the box.

For kind of gifts: ideal for larger, hard to wrap gifts, and a grouping of things. In Japan, this type of wrap is traditionally used for food.

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