Be stylish with this easy fur pompom beanie hat knitting pattern

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Drumrolls please… Tada: my new fur pompom beanie hat knitting pattern. Hot off the press for you.

From Anthropologie to Burberry, from Michael Kors to Like-Your-Lemons, all premium brands are showing you  1 go-to hat for the season:  this (slightly sloughy) beanie hat with (faux) fur pompom. Right?!

While nostalgically winking to the classic 70’s aprés-ski hat, today’s trendy beanies are fitted with a luxurious fur pompom.

So, I thought to make us all a pattern for this single most trendy beanie, so we can have one for ourselves, and for everyone on our Christmas knitting list.

Fur Pompom Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern

A Simple Pattern

This is a beginners pattern.

I tried to keep it as simple as it gets, yet give it all the features that you want: a hat that can be worn as a beanie with a double rim, a single rim – slightly sloughy, or as a sloughy hat.

I have written it up using knitting terms, plus adding a plain English explanation as to what you are supposed to do.  I  personally like to learn a bit more about what is about to happen in a pattern, rather than just being directed to only k1, k2tog, and that kind of terminology.

What Yarn ?


This is the one I used: Stylecraft Special DK. I suspect this to be a UK yarn. You will need just 1 skein. I used 60g of yarn for my hat, which is only 60% of that skein. Priced today as £1.85/skein ($2.37), making the cost of this hat a whopping $1.25!

US-based readers can substitute Stylecraft Special DK for Paton Astra yarn. Get 2 skeins of Paton, as they are just 50 g each. I like the color medium-tan.

Where to get Real or Faux Fur Pompoms

I up-cycled, and used one of 2 real fur pompoms from an old hair-tie which elastic band had become worn out. As the fur pompoms were really soft, of course,  I kept them. And here, the pompom looks new again.  Free.

But where to get yours? Here: real fur pompoms. They are just smaller than a tennis ball, which is the size of mine in the picture. 10 pieces / $16. Perfect. That’s just $1.60/pompom and makes 10 hats/accessories.

Or, you can buy a single faux fur pompom from Bernat, specially designed for hat making. They are about $7.50/piece.


Hat sizes

The hat pattern is written in size M-L (one size fits most), but can easily be adjusted to an XS or XL, and there’s a paragraph about doing just that in the pattern.

The fur Pompom Beanie Knitting Pattern

fur pompom beanie knitting pattern -
Fur Pompom Beanie Knitting Pattern.

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