Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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Today’s theme is ‘Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Boys’ thanks to a great number of wonderful submissions by readers to suit this theme.

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Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

FEATURE #1. Birthday party ideas for preschool boys who want to be …. PIRATES!!!!

Several really fun pirate –themed boy birthday party ideas are brought to you by:  and they are perfect for 5-year-olds, Joor points out.


Note: she gives the pirate paper wraps (that transform a bunch of recycled cans into this ball-toss game) away as a free download but you must have Photoshop on your computer, otherwise you cannot print them out.

FEATURE #2. Fun summer birthday party ideas for …. MINIONS!

Jennifer Priest really went all out to create a minions birthday party for her boy.  Look how cute her minion twinkies are! Adorable. They are perfect for boys (cupcakes are more girly, aren’t they?!)  And they address every birthday mom’s pet pief: birthday treats being only half eaten. Twinkies are the right size, and all kids already love them before they were donned as Minions. Right?! You bettya. Perfectly right: birthday party Minion Twinkies! Jennifer has a few other fun summer birthday party decorating ideas with that same Minion theme, so it’s good idea to have a look over at her blog.

minions twinkies for boy birthday party theme despicable me

And here is a fabulous Minion birthday present for your little “Despicable Me” fan. This amigurumi Minion Stuart pattern makes an 11″ sized toy. Great as a display item for the party too, so be sure to give it to him first thing in the morning, and then give it a place of honor during the party.

There you are: fabulous features! In fact, so good, that several other bloggers also featured her idea. Go figure. Well done, Jennifer and Joor! Both of you are winners!

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Party ‘Rules’

As always, have fun, bring a friend, check out others, and it would be nice if you’d link back to the party. A link in your post will do. No items for sale/linky party posts. The ideas is to share our DIY/crafts, both the end results as well as the howto’s. Please don’t post anything commercial because that doesn’t match.

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Thank you again for partying with us!! I appreciate you sharing your wonderful ideas. The party isn’t the same without you! Till next week!

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