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May you find inspiration in the art of Paris’ world-famous patisserie house, Laduree, who creates refined chocolates, macarons and patisserie which taste exquisite and look  like beautiful jewels, and which make glamorous gifts.  Artists & artisans throughout time have been inspired by the colors and shapes of food.  While renaissance painters may have preferred fruit for still lives, interior designers of 2011 can find inspiration in today’s fine food in Paris.


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Laduree !



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Laduree – French Macarons

laduree_gift-box-maracons laduree_paris-cookie_tower
macarons_laduree_paris laduree_paris_window
laduree_gift_set macarons_paris



Laduree – French Patisserie

Paris_french_patisserie Laduree_macarons
laduree_paris-patisserie laduree-patisserie-paris



Laduree – Paris Shop Window Design




Laduree – French Chocolates, Candy & Patisserie Gift Baskets & Boxes

laduree-paris-gift-box laduree-paris-gift-bags
laduree-paris-chocolates French_patisserie_paris


(no, this is not something to feed your dog!)


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