French Design Inspiration from Paris

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Sharing my secret: I’m in Paris!!!!


Instead of craft & DIY tutorials, you’ll find world-class creative inspirational photos to help you develop your own DIY and craft ideas… for the next 2 weeks!


Some of the articles will be a single brilliant idea (I’ll be calling these articles ‘Creative Ideas from France’, while others are a complete collection of fashion, styles, designs and details (organized in ‘themes’). I’ll update this overview during the next 2-3 weeks as I’ll come across wonderful designs and creative ideas. I’ll make each idea/theme page into clickable links so all you have to do is bookmark this page and come back every day for the next few weeks.




Theme 1: World-famous Patisserie houses in Paris:

Theme 2: French, Fun & Fashion Bags:
Fruity Lunch & Picnic Bags

Theme3: Fashion in Paris 2011 – Galerie Lafayette, Le Marait & Versailles:
Parisian Shoe Fashion 2011

Theme 4: Antiques: Bedroom sets, Desks,   Chandeliers & More: Porte de Cliquot:
Italian Antique Bedroom Set (Venice)
French Chandeliers from Baccarat

Theme 5: French Café & Bistro: Montmartre & beyond :
French Cafes in Paris

Theme 6: Table Settings in Paris:
Simple place setting with Ivy

Theme 7: The most Exquisite Parisian taste:

Caviar anyone? (introducing Odiot)

Theme 8: French Garden Designs & Flowers:
Shell-bejeweled Pots

Theme 9: Colors in Paris (French Style Ideas):
Colorful Zafu Medititation Poofs
Unique & Unimaginable Lamps

Theme 10: Some of my Favorite Things in Paris:
Funky Bejeweled Coat Hangers
French Country Farm Lamps

(Links will become active when articles will be published; not in order of theme number)


While I’m working out my longer, more involved themed Paris articles, tomorrow I’ll start with a simple place setting that you can pull of within 2 minutes for a table of 4! Easy and stylish.

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