How to make a French Country Lamp – 2 projects

Kitchen Design

I spotted this romantic French country kitchen lighting and just have to share it.

Project supplies

  • Vintage funnel
  • Bit of wire-covered fabric (this is silk, but cotton, linen or even burlap would work)
  • 3 sting ties
  • plain light bulk on a cord.

I’m not even going to write a howto tutorial for this project as it is obvious how these materials turned into an exquisite shabby chic kitchen lamp!

source: Tattered and faded

French Country Lamp Shade with French Scripts

Here is a second French country lamp project that you can DIY with ease. This is by Jeannine, who used to write at The Concrete Cottage. This lamp was featured in a prior linky party here at the FineCraftGuild (Sep 5, 2012). As Janine’s blog is no longer live, let me share a few how-to details so her wisdom is going to waste and you can create a beautiful lamp like this


It was made with a huge collection of French Script fonts and photos, which were tacked to the inside, after which she traced the whole thing with … a sharpie! Got to love sharpies.

Took 3 hrs. or so, and I’d say, well worth it! It’s a beautiful lampshade and I want one, eh… make that a couple. For my bedroom (the Feng Shui ‘travel’ corner of the house).


Project supplies

  • Inexpensive lamp shade
  • A fine-tip Sharpie
  • Print-outs of French scripts to put on the lamp.
  • Tea, to “tea stain” the lamp after it’s done.

Step 1: Collect and/or create the French scripts. Where to find them: The Graphics Fairy, Googling “french script” or “french script graphic” or Google Translate,: type in the lyrics of a favorite song, it translate into French. Copy that into Word and pick a pretty font to print it out with.

Step 2: tape the scripts one at a time to the inside of the shade. Turn on the light on and traced everything on the outside of the shade with a Sharpie.

Step 3: Mix a little tea and water and brushed it onto the shade to make the white shade a bit more antiqued. (No worries: as Sharpies are permanent, the ink won’t run. )

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