French Chandeliers from Baccarat

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Oh, the lamps I’ve seen on this visit to Paris. They range from ..


Luxurious Chandeliers from Baccarat…

Baccarat chandelier  ::

This is what I learned from the chandelier Pro’s:

  • The bottom of your chandelier mustn’t hang more than 7 ft from the floor.
  • The bigger your livingroom, the larger, more elaborate the chandelier you will be able to buy for it. How big is your livingroom space exactly??!!
  • See these little rings below the candles? They are called ‘drip pans’. Makes sense as they used to catch the candle drips.
  • These days, they’re no longer functional because your chandelier is electric. This means that they may be as simple or ornate as you wish. But, as they are an integral part of the chandelier design style, keep them in style.




… to Country-rustic Rattan and Clay Lamps, found at the flee market…

… and many unimaginable lamps in between!



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