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This is a re-post of my prior articles on fabulous decorative pillows that I found in Paris. Readers wrote that the article link hadn’t been working for them. So I’m featuring the French ideas for decorative pillows (w link to a pillow sewing tutorial) again for you.

BTW. If you have enjoyed this 2 weeks worth of showcasing contemporary French interior design, decorating and craft ideas, do let me know. I travel lots and can easily make you an Italian design showcase series and another one focusing on French Provincial design. The Provence being one of my favorite areas on earth, I’m visiting frequently and have lots of pictures. So, if interested: email me or leave me a comment.

Beautiful & unique French Bird & Bunny Appliques on Decorative Pillows

Spotted in hip & groovy Marait, Paris.

Decorative Pillows :: Bird

If you’ve made our ‘bird with umbrella’ pillow, you could make this French bird pillow as a companion.

Techniques:  To make a pillow like this, however, you must first create the whole pillow design with all the various layers in Photoshop and then create transfers.  The ‘bird with umbrella’ tutorial teaches you how to use transfers.

How to Make a Gorgeous Pillow :

(Click link for free sewing pattern and instructions)

You might like to review our stenciling tutorials on how to use stencils on textiles.  Overlapping mono-printing might give you a rougher, artsy version of this.

French decorative pillows

Personalized Bunny Portrait Pillow

French pillows

This pillow is perfect as-is with that bow-tied bunny portrait. But if you have previously made our bird pillows, I’d replace this bunny face with a bird to continue your interior design theme of birds. 

Taking it further…

I also love this portrait-frame-idea for making personalized pillows. Personalized pillows make great graduation, anniversary or birthday gifts.

Oh, and yes, I can see your OWN dog’s pictures in there too ! How fun would that be!

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