Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages To Print: Winnie the Pooh

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Since the little people in my family love Pooh, I thought to create a Pooh Thanksgiving coloring page.

I found an original Pooh image at a former site called Disney Clipart, and transformed it into what I think has become a lovely coloring page. Do you agree?

This drawing would be of interest to preschoolers, Kindergarten & grade 1 -kids, however it’s actually rather detailed, and not that easy. No matter: any kind of colored scratches will look nice when combined with this happy smiling & dancing family of friends with Pooh, Piglet, Tiger & Roo all there.

The friendship dance ties in nicely with Thanksgiving.   All children play together having fun, sweetly, and no fighting. How’s that for utopia?

I’ve sized the drawing to be exactly 5 x7 inches, so you could make a greeting card out of it, if you wish, which your children could send ahead of time to invite guests over, or to loved ones they are going to miss this Thanksgiving.

Alternatively, you could use the cards as table setting place holders.  Pair it with a cup of crayons.

Personally, I am going to use this as a ‘treat’ in the car, to give the kids something to do.

pooh tigger piglet roo coloring pageDownload your free Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving Coloring Page by clicking this link or the picture on the left.

Note: Only for family use.

Do not sell this coloring page, please.

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