6 Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block Patterns to Make & Love!


Enjoy 5 free patchwork hearts quilt block patterns for stunning quilts- perfect for gifting or adding charm to any space. | With exactly a month till Valentines Day, it is the perfect time to make something extra pretty for that special friend and that special occasion. However, at any time of the year, if you’re a quilting enthusiast or simply have a passion for crafting, there’s nothing quite as endearing and timeless as a patchwork hearts quilt. Combining the warmth and charm of handmade quilts with the universal symbol of love, these creations are perfect for expressing your affection or adding a touch of love to any room.

Today, we’re presenting five delightful and free patchwork hearts quilt block patterns that will inspire you to create your own heartfelt masterpiece. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, these patterns are sure to capture your imagination and become cherished heirlooms.

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block Patterns #1

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block Patterns

This quilt is an eye-catching addition to any home decor. Follow the step-by-step instructions to bring this pattern to life and create a quilt that will be cherished for years to come..

Download your free pattern and read the sewing instruction here at the Fat Quarter Shop

Triangle or Jewel Heart Quilt

This free Heart Quilt Pattern pieces together a sweet heart perfect for quilters of all levels. It can be made in two sizes: a 35″ square and a 12″ mini quilt! Essentially this is just triangles grouped together – anyone who can sew, can do this! the top stitching of hearts requires a machine setting to be able to do this. But broad horizontal lines would work just as well, in my opinion, and will be a lot less laborious. I do love the jewel effect of using tonal differences between the fabrics. Alternatively use the pattern for fabrics you already have in your collection.

Design Tip

I love how you can change the look of your quilt by just scaling the size of the triangles down and having a wider area to play with, to put that big heart in context.

This would be the perfect choice for those seeking a classic design with a modern twist. This pattern would feature that central heart, then surrounded by – for example – intricate geometric shapes, creating a visually stunning effect. The use of contrasting fabrics would enhance the depth and dimension of the quilt.

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block Patterns #2

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block Patterns- Log Cabin Heart quilt block

Easy Log Cabin Heart Design

This log cabin heart quilt block design was created specifically for Valentine’s Day. The chosen color scheme of this heart quilt pattern literally draws you into the heart. It makes the design more meaningful as well as pretty and cheery. The pattern is easy enough for novices and beginners. It would transform in a fun pillow for a teen room.

This log cabin heart quilt pattern is designed by Jennifer Ofenstein from SewHooked. Jennifer has been paper piecing for over 10 years, and you can tell by the finesse of the design. She’s made 154 patterns, several free, and this is one of them.

Marcia Wachuta designed the kind of heart quilt patterns that I would design and make: cheery, friendly, detailed but not too busy, great way to use up scraps. This paper piecing quilt pattern has a lovely flower fabric color combinations and a very-doable design. Nothing too complicated here. However, work these easy-to-make hearts into pillows or make them part of a larger quilt and you’ve got a stellar quilt design going. Yes, it’s a free quilt block pattern!

Follow the link below. You’ll see that Marcia also worked these hearts into ‘crazy’ bright colored quilted objects and blankets. Personally, I’d use them in a simple blanket design with lots of white, blue and green pastels around the art hearts instead; gentle colors that will offset the pink hearts and create a calm quilt. Perfect for a romantic girl’s bedroom, or on the sofa at Valentine’s day. Or any other day, as to me, hearts have year-round appeal.

Download your free log cabin quilt block pattern: Log Cabin Heart Quilt Block.

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block Patterns #3

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block Patterns - rainbow of coloea

Kona Color Cards quilt designed for Robert Kaufmann

Color Card Heart Quilt Pattern

This quilt is love at first sight, really. Robert Kaufmann hopes you’ll buy his entire Kona fabric series. But when you do purchase this rainbow of colors, you’ll get this beautiful result.

Alternatively, use your own imagination and creativity and color range to suit your guest room or child bedroom, for instance.

Very easy quilt block pattern (If you know how to sew).

Tip: if you don’t like to work with so many small hearts, or are strapped for time… then do some math, and make the squares 2x the size and make 4x fewer hearts. ;-)

Free download

by Robert Kaufmann

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt #4

Candy Heart Table Runner, by Riley Blake

Candy Heart Table Runner

This pattern features interlocking hearts, carefully arranged to create a sense of balance. Candy-colored fabrics (depicted) make this quilt playful and whimsical.

However, when choosing tonal colors instead, you’ll create a sense of harmony.

By selecting fabrics in coordinating colors or opting for a scrappy look, you can add a unique touch to this timeless design.

It’s a lovely, and relatively easy heart quilt block pattern with just 8 different colored fabrics on white. Beginners design. Top stitching is always optional but gives it nice depth.

Perhaps this is the perfect smallish project to try out those top stitching settings on your machine.

Whether you’re an experienced quilter or a beginner, the clear instructions provided will guide you through the process of creating a stunning Patchwork quilt.

Get your candy heart quilt block pattern here:

Freebie by Riley Blake

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt Block Patterns – 4 hearts #5

Patchwork Hearts Table Topper Pattern

Designed as a table topper, and measuring 22 x 22 “, I think this would easily upsize to a lap blanket or even full play blanket.

Don’t you think this is adorable? We do.

By Karen who writes at 2 Strings. (sewing instruction on the blog.

Free Patchwork Hearts Quilt BlockPatterns with logs #6

Striped Heart Quilt Pattern

Personally, I would have preferred a white background to this heart block quilt but other than that: what’s not to love. The easy logs are just strips you make line up.

Absolutely beginners-friendly heart quilt design.

Because it’s so simple, you can also change the size of the quilt with easy, once you understand how the pattern works. This allows you to use up the fabrics you already have, and or make this to the size you want for your project: a pillow, a lap quilt, or whatever.

Free Download

Creating a patchwork hearts quilt allows you to express your creativity and passion for quilting while spreading the warmth and love associated with the iconic heart symbol. By exploring the five free patchwork hearts quilt block patterns provided in this article, you’ll be inspired to embark on your own quilting journey. From the classic designs of Sweetheart’s Delight and Patchwork Harmony to the whimsy of Love Blossoms and Hearts in Bloom, and the vibrant Rainbow of Hearts, these patterns will provide you with a range of options to suit your personal style and skill level. Remember, the key to a successful quilt lies in your attention to detail and the care you put into every stitch.

Tips for Successful Quilting

As you embark on your patchwork hearts quilting adventure, keep in mind a few helpful tips. First, select high-quality fabrics that complement each other well and reflect the theme of love and warmth. Consider using a mix of prints, solids, and textures to add depth and interest to your quilt. Secondly, take your time and be patient with each step of the process. Precision is crucial when piecing together quilt blocks, ensuring they align perfectly and create a cohesive design. Finally, don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch or make modifications to the patterns. Quilting is an art form, and the end result should reflect your unique style and creativity.

Once you have completed your patchwork hearts quilt, it can be used as a stunning wall hanging, a cozy bedspread, or a heartfelt gift for a loved one. The beauty of these patterns lies in their versatility and the emotional connection they evoke.

In conclusion, the art of patchwork hearts quilting combines the timeless symbol of love with the craft of quilting, resulting in exquisite creations that are cherished for generations. The five free patchwork hearts quilt block patterns presented in this article offer a range of designs, from classic to contemporary, allowing you to find the perfect pattern that resonates with your style and preferences. So, gather your fabrics, thread your needle, and embark on a quilting journey filled with love, creativity, and the joy of creating something truly special.

Happy quilting!

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