Free Printable Happy Canada Day Decorations

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Free Printable Happy Canada Day Decorations :: Happy Canada Day to all of my friends up North! Now living in the UK, it seems still a worthwhile holiday to celebrate and let you know that I am thinking of you all, eh?! So here is a little gift for you that I can easily send across to the globe: a set of free printable Canada Day decorations. I hope you can use them to create some last-minute Canada Day decorations to create something of meaning at home.

And if you scroll further down, you can see that I’ve given you some more Canada Day party ideas. Simple fun, in your back yard….

Canada Day Decorating Templates

I have 3 templates for you. The first one comes with 4 different Maple leafs, so you can make garlands, sweet sugar tart or strawberry cupcake toppers, appliqué and more.

You should be able to right click any of the below images, and then print them to scale on your printer.

Template 1

Free Printable Happy Canada Day Decorations
Free Printable Happy Canada Day Decorations – template 1

If you want to work with a maple leaf that’s larger than any of these, just print this sheet at 2:1 – for larger appliqués and decorations such as for a place mat, window or pillow cover.

To make an instant white and red garland, just print out these two sheets and string them together.

Template 2 & 3

Free Printable Happy Canada Day Decorations
template 2
Free Printable Happy Canada Day Decorations
template 3

Canada Day, Flag Day

I remember Canada Day as that day in the year with the perfect weather and more flags than people. Like this:

Even though it usually was packed on festival grounds. And lots of kids activities, free concerts, and of course, lots of food and ….

Canada Day Face Painting

It does not have to be only White & Red. Sometimes rainbows or free style is better than tightly designed butterflies on child faces. As long as your lipstick is red, it’s all good ;-)

Want some Face painting design ideas to get you going? Here are 2 links. The first has unique design ideas, and the second article has lots of how-to techniques to get your face painting to work out the way you want it.

Face painting is just a fun thing to do and can entertain both small kids as well as teenagers.

Happy Canada Day Decorations for you? Yes, that Mani!

And last but not least… we need patriotic nails. Any excuse to get go wild on little things like a manicure. Have a look at these great 1st or 4th of July celebrating mani’s:

gel glitter nails manicure ideas

Other Decorating Ideas for July 1 Canada Day

Howto – Making Flowers with Paper – paper flowers are just about the most versatile way to decorate. I usually keep all the paper flowers I make, and then update or refresh the designs at the next celebration.

Canada Day Snacks & Treats Ideas

Did I say ‘food’? What’s a celebration without cake, and yummy other treats. Some red and white ideas…

Strawberry cake! This superb rustic rhubarb strawberry tarts recipe is my own personal creation, and they are delicious!!

best strawberry tarts recipe

Delicious Healthy Snacks

Blue and red … ish. If these berry colors in this healthy smoothy are not vibrant enough to your liking, add a straw with a maple leaf topper using my template above.

delicious healthy smoothie recipes for summer

Every summer party must have a kebabs, and here’s a fruit version idea for you, in red and white stripes. We can borrow this idea from our southern neighbors, can’t we?! Tip: sprinkle with lemon if made in advance so your banana won’t brown.

4th of July snack patriotic fruit kabobs

That should keep you all well entertained for the day. If not, look up 4th of July celebration ideas which can be easily modified, by simply omitting the blues and stars.

Be sure to put (not too loud) music on in the garden and be safe!!

Happy 1st of July!

Free Printable Happy Canada Day Decorations – Feedback please.

ps. Let me know if these Free Printable Happy Canada Day Decorations work for you and yes, do send in a photo of what you made with templates. We love to hear from you.

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