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Free Knitting Patterns Easter Eggs | I told ya:  I love Easter decorations, so I’m going for it this week. I realize that not everyone may be into Easter, however many Easter craft projects simply say ‘Spring’s coming’ and that’s good for us all!

So here is my second Easter Craft project for you: At the Purl Bee, they have been busy… making these lovely knitted Easter Eggs. (Now at:

Have you seen these kind of knitted Easter eggs before? They are amazingly cute, aren’t they?

How to Make Knitted Easter Eggs

free knitting patterns easter eggs

To keep things uncomplicated, they first knitted plain Easter eggs. Then, when the egg was finished, they simply wove in the patterns kind of like embroidery. I am not a knitter now but I used to be. I remember making patterns that way. So, nope, it’s not cheating, you can do it too this way. It’s officially accepted.

Knitted Easter Eggs Pattern Ideas

I imagine that the plain versions of the eggs could also adorably embellished with beads, or thin silk ribbons. I almost wish that I was knitting again, so I could show you what I mean.

Recycling Tips

These eggs are of course ideal to use up those iddibiddies of yarn that were left over from previously made sweaters. Dah.

Easy Craft?

This Easter craft project is a little bit more difficult than the easy Easter craft I showcased yesterday. And again, Purl Bee has created a detailed step-by-step illustrated tutorial and knitting pattern. So hop on over to Purl Bee, but do come back tomorrow for more free, easy and really gorgeous Easter crafts.

We’re going to do some easy Easter crafts for kids,… that adults will like too

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