Free Knitting Pattern Hermès Sweater Dresses

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Free Knitting Pattern Hermès Sweater Dresses |

Some days I want to be romantic. Most days I wear something artsy. Once in a while, I want to be preppy.

I’m fortunate enough to have all these styles already in my wardrobe. However, one of these amazing Hermes tennis-themed sweater dresses would make a great addition. Way too nice to actually wear on the tennis courts, it is a really fun item to own. V-neck Great Gatsby sweaters remind me of a fun time gone by.
hermes sweater dresses knitting pattern

So, I want to extend a very warm ‘thank you’ or ‘danke’ to this German magazine ‘Fur Sie’ (for YOU), that offers us a free pattern to make a sweater just like the Hermes in this picture, but of course, at a tiny fraction of the cost.

The Hermes designer Jean Paul Gaultier actually designed these sweater dresses as part of its Spring collection. However, the way I go about making large clothing projects like this is that I better start several months ahead of time. So, now would be a great time to begin, as also the type of yarn I’ll need might even be on sale.

Btw. this would also make a great XMAS gift and you still have over a full month to knit it if you start soon.

Free Knitting Pattern Hermès Sweater Dresses

Click this link for your free knitting pattern from Fur Sie

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Note: this pattern is in the German language, but Google Translate will help you out. So do check it out even if you don’t speak German. There are several images and well, … knitting is knitting!

I have a feeling that if you have some knitting experience (and really want to make this Great Gatsby sweater, you will actually be able to figure it out. If not, leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can help you. My German is a tat rusty but I used to be able to speak it.

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