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Instant love for this 3-colored balls. Looks so sophisticated. But is so easy. Talk about a versatility:

  • Make these hand-knit balls in raffia, hemp, or natural cotton as home décor. 
  • Make them in baby yarn for easy, nearly-free baby gifts, or
  • Use up scraps as a cool crafts for kids.
  • I would think they would be popular as a charity knit, and
  • I bet if you put a tiny bell in it, the cat will love it too!

These decorative hand-knit balls are going to be a ‘winner’ in your world. I can almost guarantee it!

braided ball free knitting pattern

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Ball Knitting Pattern

This free knitting pattern comes complete with both a free ball knitting tutorial video and a downloadable free knitting pattern – pdf.

Obviously, the real challenge here is not in the knitting, but in the weaving.  You can do it. 

Choosing Your Knit Ball Filling

Upon weaving the strands together into the ball shape, you can fill the ball with yarn scraps, or small leftover wool felt scraps I talked about yesterday in my felt bow tutorial. Or, you could make an insert ball and fill it with buckwheat hulls or kapok. Different fillings give different weights. What is the best filling for these hand-knit balls depends what you will be using these balls for, and where you will be using them.

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