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You know, when I did my graduation thesis, one of my professors once said that if you want to become EXCELLENT at something, you have to do the same thing over and over again. Continue to want the same thing…

This inspirational quote comes to mind when I look at the work of Janeen van Niekerk, our weekly contributor who gives us a free quilting workshop every week. Today mark’s the 4th week in the quilt sampler workshop. Janeen presents the  material on how to make a hourglass quilt block. I have to say that each week, the blocks get more and more beautiful.



The quote equally applies to Janeen’s own paper piecing quilt designs, which are completely unique and have moved from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ in just the short time I have known Janeen. I have added a few new paper piece designs by Janeen at the end of this article for your enjoyment. So you can see what I mean. Now, be encouraged by Janeen’s own progress and let’s move your quilting skills from good to great also. Here’s block #4 in our sampler quilt. Do join in and quilt along!


– Hourglass Quilt Block –

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Here’s Janeen’s post for this week:

Tips for Quilting Beginners – Workshop Series

Sampler Quilt – Week 4

The Hour Glass Block

This is more of a variation on the Hour Glass block. The block is divided into 4 squares and each opposite side has a Four Patch or Four Square and then the Hour Glass as well.

These are really traditional blocks and although simple to make, still remain popular. Use more modern fabrics to give these blocks a lift, or use more ‘traditional’ small flowery fabrics to keep with the old timey look.

The Plan:

(Photo 1 & 1A)


You can see that this block has only an A and B type block to it. Really simple.

Your combined 4 A blocks must be the same measurement as your B block.


Cutting Your Quilt Fabric

For the A blocks

You will need 3 different color fabrics (Photo 2)


White fabric: Cut a 3” (7.6cm) strip and cut from it 4 x 3” squares

Orange fabric: cut a 3” (7.6cm) strip and cut from it 2 x 3” squares

Yellow fabric: cut a 3”(7.6cm) strip and cut from it 2 x 3” squares.

For the B blocks

We will be making 2 Half square triangles for the B block

Cut 1 square 7” (17.8cm) big – green fabric

Cut 1 square 7” (17.8cm) big – white fabric.

Hour Glass Quilt Block Pattern Sewing Instructions

  • Join the squares in rows and then sew the rows together to get 2 A blocks completed.

The Four square blocks measure 5 7/8” square. (Photo 3)

  • For the B block – Place the 2 blocks onto each other with right sides facing.
  • Draw a diagonal line down the center of the white block. (Photo 3A)
  • Sew on each side of the line with a ¼” seam. (Photo 3B)
  • Now cut the block in half on the drawn line. You have 2 triangles.
  • Open them up to reveal 2 half square triangle blocks.
  • Now you need to trim down these B blocks to measure 5 7/8 ”.

(Photo 4)

Join the A and B blocks in rows and then sew the rows together.

You can press your seam at the back ‘open’ to eliminate having too much bulk on one of the sides of your block. (Photo 5)


This is your un-finished Hour Glass Block (10,5” – 26,5cm) (Photo 6).


I hope you enjoyed making this block.

Till next time,

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To her friends and quilting students, Janeen recommends a simple Janome Sewing Machine. For example, the Janome 8077 is a great buy !

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