101 Free Green Craft Tutorials


This list of ‘101 Top Free and Green Craft Tutorials’ has inspired many of my current (or planned) WIP craft projects.  I’ll show recycle old towels, old bed sheets, old sweaters, etc.

Many regular free craft tutorials can also be made with recyclable materials. Often tutorials imply the use of new materials, but they would often look just as good, if not better, when using recyclable materials. Many of the projects here could be created using recyclable materials, sometimes easily, sometimes not. The ‘U’-marks in the craft tutorial list below indicate that these tutorials are written with ‘upcycling, refashioning & recycling used materials’ in mind. The other craft projects here could be made using recycled materials, if you so wish.

top 101 green tutorials


Green Craft Tutorials & Inspiration

If I can inspire you to recycle while crafting, I’ll be really happy. There’s too much waste in the world, and often, recycled materials offer a richness and uniqueness to craft projects that can not be matched by new craft supplies alone.


101 Top Green Craft Tutorials

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This page is currently (Jan 2017) being upgraded. Stay tuned: improvements are made, incorporating many more recycled crafts and eco-friendly green DIY projects.

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